Sign Spotlight Sundays: An Animal That Is Usually Given a Bad Reputation

“Shear up, darling. Everything will be alright.” – Unknown

I’m not sure why exactly, but this blog post made me want to bust out with Joan Jett today who I saw in concert a few years ago. It stems from the fact that today we’re continuing the zodiac with the Sheep which on the Asian (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) zodiac I happen to be an Earth Sheep which comes with some snarky puns about how rather ignorant or victimized they generally are.

Nonetheless that ignores what I am under any other zodiac as well. You know the term because it’s all over the internet as a meme; sheeple!


Ewe might find the underlined hyperlink text to be helpful in changing at least some of your own misconceptions.

Those born in the years 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, and 2003 or the year of the Hitsuji/Sheep are in fact usually elegant, highly accomplished in the arts, and passionate about nature/environmentalism. They tend to exhibit deeply spiritual practices or beliefs while paying attention to rules/regulations which have been established by the society with which they’re found in.

More often than not this group is blessed with innate intelligence, artistic talents, and will fare well in business endeavors. They can display extremely combative demeanors when facing conflict. As the highly creative lot you will find this to be made up of your craftspeople who adore exquisite pieces that bring peace and harmony into their lives.

For myself being placed under the Earth element I am more optimistic and self reliant than other Sheep desiring to maintain my independence. Neither a spendthrift nor a miser I don’t deny myself while enjoying a life of work hard/play hard taking responsibilities seriously. If criticized you might find that I will display the traits of being overly defensive.

When we come across sheep as a totem or spirit animal we may find those who display the characteristics of remaining innocent and youthful in character valuing teamwork. A good phrase for their appearance in our life is to keep working diligently and to remain persistent. As a symbol of vigor the sheep wants you to recognize that within you is everything needed to overcome obstacles.

The best solution to anything troubling you is to adapt to your challenges while you work towards commanding respect from others. If you can improve your self esteem and boldly walk the path which others are too scared to tread you will find success. Simply keep your eyes fixed upon the prize with a relentless mindset to ensure that no failure or adversity can discourage you.

Utilize your natural tendency for remaining curious to ensure that you continue learning new things. This is a great way to remain open to the many opportunities that can cross your path during your life’s adventures. Just remember that you should acknowledge the greatness that lies within you. Not all sheep are lead easily to the slaughter house as sacrificial martyrs.

This sign falls under Dainichi Nyorai also referred to as the Cosmic Buddha. Sanskrit idenfies Dainichi as Mahāvairocana Tathaga. Esoteric or Vajrayāna tantric Buddhism widely practiced in Tibet believes that Dainichi the Great Sun is to be worshiped as the supreme primordial solar Buddha as well as the central figure of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

The term Nyorai means thus come one utilized as an epithet for enlightened Buddhas that occupy the highest rank in the Japanese Buddhist pantheon. Therefore in Japan’s esoteric traditions Dainchi is the most important of all the myriad Buddha.

Dainichi is said to be everywhere and everything same as the air we breathe making all other Buddha and divine beings considered as emanations of Dainichi Nyorai.


Yudono-san is featured below due to it’s connection with being home to Dainichi Nyorai. You will find some wonderful videos enclosed within their elaboration on these topics.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Lamb

I thought today we could quickly look at where Asteroid Lamb (16089) is within my Age Harmonic chart presently just to get a feel for it’s influence in my life right now. This asteroid was discovered in October of 1999 exactly two years after I graduated high school named for William Lamb who mentored a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search which was a competition for high school seniors.

We can locate Asteroid Lamb in a popular location of my 9th House of Sagittarius at 28° nearing the Anaretic Degree where we must master this house before we move onto the next. The only aspect is that we find Lamb sesquiquadrate Saturn which embodies the energies of remembering that while Jupiter is our greater benefic we should not become lazy, sloppy, or neglectful of details.

In the 9th House before we can progress to the 10th House we must grow in understanding of ourselves, the world, and diverse cultures through communication, writing, divination, and dream analysis. This will propel us towards success in the 10th House of social status showing how high we can rise in life.

“Where do sheep get their wool cut? At the baa-baa.” – Unknown

This degree knows that anything appearing to be closed, finished, or limited can be reopened up and extended. Our belief in limits reinforces those limits, and if we let go of that belief we find an abundance that is endless. Lack of confidence in self can stand in the way of this process, but if we focus on the good we are attempting to do the confidence magically appears.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A witch’s ritual dagger.” The ritual dagger is a weapon whose purpose is to cut away negative thoughts, or ones that are no longer of use, essentially thoughts which limit one in unnecessary ways. It may also be used to sever oppressive connections and clear the aura.

When such ties are cut we are free to experience the open and limitless quality of the Universe that allows, for instance, one to channel new music. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Thyme, and Virgo. This daimon will appeal towards those who strongly desire to work with the arts. Allocer is great for when you need to clear your mind and helping one get in contact with their inspirational muse.

Of course this kind of makes for an unintentional pun when you look at the fixed star for this degree which happens to be named acumen given that this describes quickness of perception with the faculty of proper discrimination.

You will find this degree sits within the star cluster above the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion in Aculeus/Acumen. There is a connection through Hebrew here to Chokmah meaning intelligence, skill, and mental acuity.

It’s worth considering Psalm 111:10 in this regard. However, after yesterday’s blog post my research into this topic led me to a rather unplanned online destination altogether that I did not expect to read from.

NGC 6302 in Scorpius

This journey even brought me to a PDF copy of the Sepher Ha-Bahir which I’ve never read today while composing this entry. How is that even possible? Do you know how difficult it was years ago to find a copy in a Christian store of the Apocrypha just to get my hands on my favorite book; Judith!

I found the only copy available in hard copy after much scouring. It is absolutely hands down one of my favorite stories, and also why I’ve got the Hannukah theme on my wealth altar with the dreidels that spell “a great miracle happened here.”

I’d link to the blog post with the photos, but I got too many pingbacks to that entry already! Plus search engines hate me for my link shares as that is bad online AI etiquette. And I already am likely on the naughty list since I recently fought with Google over my business listing.

Work with Azurite for this degree expressing the unity of mind, body, and spirit which restores health and well being by remaining fresh, energetic, and constructive. The focus at this time should be gentle, kind, and there for the help/support of another. Your affirmation reads I promote harmony, balance, and inner peace in my life.

I hope everyone enjoys their sublime Sunday. I think I may take a self care day tomorrow and refrain from blogging as it’s also my day off from my part time cosmetology job. I feel as if it would actually benefit me to allow myself a well deserved break.

The garden is quite unhappy due to the drought and triple digit weather. I’ve also been in a nearly month long neuropathic pain flare so I’ve been less able to properly care for the plants. We did cut several sunflowers today to allow them to dry out and harvest the seeds.

I did not succeed this year at carrots, but that is alright. We have another harvest of beans and there are at least 21 roma tomatoes on the vines some turning red.

The sweet potatoes look to be doing well, but I will need to get back out there soon to fertilize them again I believe. My pain body has been keeping me very unmotivated and ultimately just barely able to get through each day.

It’s been a terrible struggle the last month to accomplish my daily tasks honestly the way I have radiated with chronic pain and refused to show it to others except family. I believe we may receive some rain over the next day or so. I’d be grateful, but I also expect some of the wildflowers to be damaged again. We have no gutters on the covered porch.

The sweet potatoes are growing what can only be called vines!
Sunflowers looking lively!
Sunflowers ready to be harvested for seeds after the many bees in the garden have finished pollinating them.
I really will have to brush up on growing better carrots I think. Several of them were still quite small and we did not keep them. I also noticed a lot of seeds did not take. This year some of our seeds were not as bountiful or healthy.

Win some lose some. We’ve done quite well in some areas and had more struggles in others. I’m thankful we’ve made it to July though with the Texas heat and virtually no rain for months I believe now.

Be well and many blessings! And yes, I did find my typographical error. 😊💝

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Desiring More Freedom, Power, and Speed in Life

What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? “Do you have any water? I’m a little horse.”

Phew I think I’m finally near the middle section of this series having already completed the Western or more traditional zodiac everyone is familiar with and moving into an Eastern construct. I believe at some point I’ll try to expand this into Vedic. Gallop to greener pastures with the underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 or the year of the Uma/Horse can be seen as skilled in awarding compliments as well as being quite a talkative lot. They are also talented with finances, adroit thinkers, and can be easily angered/impatient.

These charming yet cheerful characters are hard working, self possessed, and may pursue success selfishly. Despite their air of assurance you will find they might actually lack confidence in themselves. Horse born believe that movement is everything with an unpredictable element to them. You will find them taking center stage and delighting audiences everywhere.

Their lives while full of many ups/downs does not interfere with their determination. To many people this animal symbolizes stamina, progress, feelings of belonging, and an embodiment of the Divine. Asian mythology espouses the horse as an eliminator of evil as well as a representation of immortality. Sometimes cultures even depict them with the power of flight.

In Abrahamic faith they have been given contrasting meanings such as the black horse symbolizing death/destruction. This conflicts with other cultures who believe the black horse to be strong and courageous. The Book of Revelations depicts the Four Horseman as war, endings, famine, and eventual return to chaos.

Western culture then removes the tantric encounter of a horse as the highest form of self actualization. The appearance of wild horses for example could be interpreted as a blossoming/ongoing love affair. Celtic culture has also utilized written as well oral traditions to depict humanity’s ability to control, master, and thrive during difficult life trials.

All in all the horse was said to imply a guide towards self development whereby we learn how to focus on improving ourselves as opposed to a constant worrying focus upon others likely uninterested in changing their own situation. The horse as a mode of transportation will carry its rider far and wide into new unexplored paths.

This sign falls under Seishi Bosatsu otherwise known as the Sitting Buddha. Mahāsthāmaprāpta is the name taken from India as this bodhisattva represents the power of wisdom depicted within a trinity beside Amitābha and Avalokiteśvara in Pure Land Buddhism. The name literally translates as arrival of great strength.

Seishi Bosatsu is one of the enlightened beings who descends to welcome dying souls into Amida’s Pure Land. In Japan the three appear in a popular grouping known as the Amida Sanzon or Amida Triad. For more information you may look below at what I’ve found.

Seishi Bosatsu:

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Epona

Today I’m using this opportunity to utilize the extended chart features on to chart Asteroid Epona in a SAD or Solar Arc Direction Chart as she was the Celtic Horse Goddess. In mythology we find a complex culture for the Celts ranging from Halstatt to German Bronze Age which stretched further to Britain as well as the Iberian peninsula.

The story of Epona is unusual as many of their stories were oral not written. The Roman religion also absorbed this Goddess practicing syncretism by conflating the Divine. Her other name was sometimes She of the Great Mare due to the fact that horses were important therefore you may have seen icons of Epona popping up everywhere especially in stables.

What we do not know, however, is if horses became part of ritual sacrifice being eaten or otherwise used in conferring kingship where the Hieros Gamos took place wedding the ruler to the land.

What is known is that there was a strong belief in horses particularly the mare being a representation of the spirit of the land. Epona signifies sovereignty so she was most often displayed flanked by horses. We can see her thus linked to fertility, agriculture, and abundance.

Her archetype fits well with the rebirth stories we often tell as she became associated with Spring when after winter’s death of the previous year/season new fertile life returns.

To plot this asteroid simply plug into the manual entry field of Additional Objects number 3838. We use the SAD or Solar Arc Directional Chart to determine what years are important in our lives. Some of the features you might wish to study in these charts would be anything placed in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th Houses. Additional houses you could hone in on include 1st and 4th.

Intuitively this then becomes a good choice to chart for we find that Asteroid Epona is currently within my 10th House of Leo at 4°.

There was a move from my natal 9th House position of attitudes or philosophies on different ways of life/cultures, writing/publishing, and our educational potential for growth to the 10th House of realms of innate skills/talents, ambition/career, and general character in terms of our views on authority, proper use of resources, and if we operate via lower/higher ego.

What did the dog say before eating his snack? “Bone a-pet-treat!”

This asteroid has few aspects making an opposition to Venus and a biquintile to Uranus. One may appear sympathetic or emotionally understanding of another’s needs, ideas, or desires while at the same time being successful in creativity/ingenuity. They enjoy jokes, games, and freedom from the dull repetition of life.

The reference to pride as a vice is an attribute all too common in the Leo sphere. I’m not one who is unafraid to admit that this is a problem after all what do we find out in the wilderness/jungle. Especially as this is the house of my Western natal Sun and my Vedic nakshatra.

It’s not then very shocking that I would come up against such a degree to work upon or that studying actual lions/lionesses in their natural habitat would explain the symbolism I may encounter in my life.

It is here that one will play the role of a servant dedicated to the highest and finest vibration that can possibly manifest. Do not expect too much of yourself or push too hard. One can bring light to many people, but if one becomes obsessive or overly intense about what they’re doing it can have the opposite effect.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gardener collecting cow manure.” The gardener has an end in view which is the proliferation of beauty through the growing of flowers and the proliferation of health through the growing of vegetables. Just as these things feed our body and soul we must feed their physical form.

This degree does the dirty work and seeks our rich nutrition to promote luxurious abundance. Here is nurturing at a deep and grounded level. Work with guardian angel Imamiah and daimon Allocer.

Daimon Allocer is connected with the Eight of Pentacles, Venus, Sandalwood, and Virgo. You will enjoy working with this daimon when you wish to become knowledgeable of the mysteries of the sky or the liberal arts/sciences. Generally speaking Allocer wants you to set clear boundaries, to think clearly, and to focus upon that which is most important to you.

What does Epona have to do with the land? Cancer holds many clusters including the Beehive Cluster. What do we know about bees and agriculture or abundance? Without bees and pollinators will we have the foods we commonly enjoy on an everyday basis?

This degree lands upon the fixed star Al Tarf in the southern hind foot of Cancer the Crab. The name is a literal reference to the end. It references a glance of the lion’s eye as early Arabic astronomy placed Leo the Lion extended beyond its present perimeters. Therefore Arabic astronomy had an enormous lion extending over a third of the heavens.

Kabbalists associate this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the tarot trump The Moon.

May you have a blissful and peaceful Sunday! I leave you with some meditative flower photos from the garden again. I can happily proclaim that while I harvested yet more green, yellow, and purple beans we have at least 10 roma tomatoes on our vines. This year while the carrots have been slow to mature other vegetables, herbs, and plants have been quite abundant and while we have gratitude for this we recognize it’s been hard to keep up with as well.

I’m trying to keep my garden shares as not the only images, but it is one of my extended passions. I imagine some blog readers grow tired of my repetitive topics or would suggest I set up a separate blog for my garden interests. The problem is I don’t have the time to devote to such an endeavor. 😌🏡

The pollen in the center of the sunflowers are golden yellow stars. Even the zinnias begin this way. The blue flower was a welcomed surprise.
The assortment of green in all it’s various forms from roma tomato to basil to lettuce which some are going to seed already. Basil is also beginning to flower which I’ve seen the bees enjoying.
Carrots, more beans, and the peanuts the nighborhood squirrels plant in the garden. One carrot has shock as I pulled it to check their progress and failed I guess at properly transplanting the poor thing. The beans I thought would slow during summer heat, but every week they continue to produce more. It’s outrageous!
I’m waiting for a little more color variation in the zinnias, but I’m enjoying what we have at present.

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Shedding Our Old Unnecessary Snakeskin

What do you get if you cross two snakes with a magic spell? Addercadabra and abradacobra.

I’m still attempting to finish this journey, but am struggling at times to keep up. I left off at the Tatsu/Dragon so today we pick up with the Hebi/Snake. Use the underlined hyperlink text to slither/wriggle out of that which no longer serves you.


Those born in the years 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, and 2001 or the year of the Hebi/Snake make up a variety of deep thinkers who speak very little while possessing tremendous wisdom being fortunate in money matters. Determined in all they do they despise failure.

Here we find those who bide their time in making a deal only striking and making a killing when they deem the moment to be right. They utilize their intelligence to formulate ideas, opinions, and plans for the future. Their receptive nature, physical allurement, and self indulgence can seem ostentatious.

Yet this group carries projects through to their end with an uncommon self discipline. They will offer help, but they can also coil and suffocate the object of attention/affection in life. You may regret asking for their assistance.

They also display a tendency to exaggerate, be stingy/miserly, and they don’t like the colder months preferring to shine when it is warmer climates outside. This sign falls under Fugen Bosatsu much like the Tatsu/Dragon where you will find more information that I’ve researched quite extensively for reference.

The snake is divided into venomous, constrictor, and common types with a rich life force associated with the Earth. In Southeast Asia the flying snake is closely connected to primal instincts and unconscious drives. It is important to recognize this indicates the need to pay very close attention to how you use your energy while guarding against psychic or vampiric attacks.

The snake is associated with kundalini and healing powers representing spiritual liberation. You are stepping into the unknown and may feel scared or desire support. Self awareness is vital at this time, you’re encouraged to live your own life rather than people please, and cue into the vibrations of your surroundings.

If you have unproductive habits try taking on more productive ones by transforming your life. Set your priorities/intentions, develop a clear action plan, and be fearless. If past failures are haunting you, if the road ahead seems foggy, if you need to remain firmly grounded, and if you are desiring change call on the snake totem animal.

Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart for Asteroid Jörmungandr

In this vein of thought we’re charting the Asteroid Jörmungandr (471926) from the Norse mythology via a Dodecatemoria/Dwadasamsa Chart. As I’ve not used this chart style for a while let me explain the purpose once more to refresh my blog followers mental landscape.

This chart takes a look into Vedic astrology exploring the karma encoded into the DNA of any individual beginning with their parents/siblings to determine their approach to life as was passed down through their ancestors of at least seven generations.

Jörmungandr in Norse mythology is sometimes called the Midgard Serpent or the Great Beast depicted as a snake/dragon living within the ocean with an enormous body circling the entirety of Midgard. As one of the three children of Loki and Angrboda there are two battles within the Poetic Eddas where Thor is the enemy. One is during Thor’s fishing excursion when his line is severed for fear of bringing about Ragnarok.

This was sometimes an allegory for the continental Germans belief regarding earthquakes. Jörmungandr is poisonous and one can only take nine steps before falling dead from the venom. He symbolizes the ouroboros found in a variety of cultures from Persian, Hindu, Greek, and Mesoamerican sites/artifacts. As someone born into Magha nakshatra as displayed in a great deal of my research and former blog posts you will find me Ketu ruled.

As described in one of the videos I linked to yesterday during my blog post and in conjunction with my studies on the ganas this will deal further with our brainwaves. Magha nakshatra sits with two doses of Rajas and one dose of Tamas which pulls from Vata and Kapha dosha as well as Gamma/Beta waves (27 hz and up or 12-27 hz) and Theta/Delta waves (3-8 hz or 0.2-3 hz).

This matters for sound healing, brainwave entrainment, and Ayurvedic principles. I’ve discussed in blog posts the importance of waves through my siren/mermaid posts bringing in quantum, torus, and other concepts as well.

If you want to enter flow state it’s probably very important to begin recognizing these concepts or at least to gain understanding of where you might personally operate by looking into your own astrology charts. For me personally I spent years sleeping to brainwave entrainment as well as went through Master level Reiki certification.

I’m still heavily into distance Reiki and brainwave entrainment videos for meditation/sleep, but not as active as I was before due to a desire to detox for a bit of time. I found myself developing an addiction to these services from others wanting to pull away and actually perform self healing on a more inner rather than external form.

Two snakes parted. The first one said, “Fangs for the memories.”

If we return back to Jörmungandr we see that it represents our living, breathing, and unending cycles where there is no real end. The ouroboros as Saturn or Kronos/Cronus is where we develop words such as chronology and chronometer. This represents elemental chaos with never ending periods of creation and destruction often depicted as a sideways eight or infinity.

In my chart much like Asteroid Juno we find Asteroid Jörmungandr placed within my 7th House of Partnerships in Libra at 5° with two aspects including square Venus and semisquare Chiron. Ask yourself what are your relationship patterns. For example, are you committed to contractual partnering, can you creatively collaborate in business, and how do you express yourself in romantic/business exchanges.

I’ve actually previously covered this degree (Asteroid Angel) so today we will be doing a modified approach to avoid becoming redundant. We’re using the Chandra and fixed stars to grasp a better understanding of these energies.

Asteroid Jörmungandr is classed a potentially hazardous near Earth asteroid orbiting the Sun every 648 days or 1.77 years. The size is comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge and it is categorized as an Apollo class asteroid. Acceptance and tolerance characterize our relationships where flaws are accepted.

Relationships often display as strong attractions yet both partners learn to respect one another’s space. Our exchanges are described as a love goddess merged with the light.

We may occasionally have a gap between our head and heart, but eventually our psyche learns to be less ego-centric and we often develop a closer bond with our ancestral lineage. As you may know the Greek God/Goddess archetype I embody is often that of Apollo and Athena.

I’m not a huge follower of this author, but nonetheless I found myself staring directly at a paragraph mentioning Magha with the ending of our Yugas. A grain of salt perhaps? 🧂

Nonetheless here is the astrotheological energies of this degree without further ado.


A man raising a crop of marijuana.

Lively, energetic, and spilling out over the edges consciousness/sensibility. Exuberant with the play of existence. Magnetized completely to enjoy, express, and explore the personal, the interpersonal, and the sensuous vibrations. Wanting to find out what is real here, what is truly alive, and what is worth moving further with. Experimental, loose, and carefree.

You are extraordinarily uninhibited. Most gifted in loving, appreciating, and delighting in how each one is and how we all are. The connoisseur of chaos and the master of the casual interspaces for better and for worse.

We should work with Tangerine Quartz with a message that channeled information is received from Divine source focused upon our abilities which lie in teaching, understanding, and experiencing. We seek knowledge to educate. The affirmation is I choose an altruistic path.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Tureis in the keel of Argo Navis the Great Ship. This was the Latin Scutulum which meant Little Shield. It refers to the akrostolion or ornamentel figurehead placed upon the stern of ancient Greek ships to symbolize sea trade. The mythology of this fixed star has more to do with the Golden Fleece. You will find it tied to the Carina constellation.

The Carina Constellation:

The Bullet Cluster has more recent info for those who wish to do some investigative digging. Personally I have a difficult time finding information I wish to share for some of these that seems intriguing enough.

I am using the somatosensory homunculus as much of this was studied in chronic pain due to my foot injuries with regards to neuroscience years ago. Something my mother desperately needs to understand also with reference to her current health condition and the upcoming results of her MRI. We have even looked at shockwave therapy for foot/ankle pain recently.

Have an inventive Sunday! 😅🙃🤗

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Training and Working With Your Dragon

“Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you art crunchy and good with ketchup.” – Unknown

At the end of April we looked at the Rabbit and today we continue on with the mythic Dragon. Use the underlined hyperlink text to ferret out the hidden and well guarded jewels.


Those born in the years 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000 or the year of the Tatsu/Dragon make up an assemblage of healthy, energetic, stubborn, and excitable individuals who inspire trust in almost anyone through being brave and honest.

People born under this influence possess magical powers of versatility being mystical, intuitive, and artistic on one hand and irritable, stubborn, and impetuous on the other. They may suffer from an unsatisfactory love live which leads to a string of love affairs or multiple marriages. They should protect themselves from excesses opting to remain flexible and accommodating.

Avoid the common quick tempered nature they are known for as well as hypocrisy and they should ultimately land on their feet being successful wherever they go. Dragons are known to be capable of the Midas touch with an inherent knack for attracting financial prosperity or leaving it in their path. During the Chinese New Year street processions honor the Dragon via the Four Benedictions of the East (wealth, virtue, harmony, and long life).

This sign falls under Fugen Bosatsu associated with great conduct instructing that action and conduct are equally as valuable as thought/meditation. Fugen Bosatsu encourages the diligent practice of charity, morals, patience, devotion, and is the protector of all who practice the Dharma often depicted on a white elephant with six tusks which signify overcoming the attachment we carry to our six senses. When shown holding the wish fulfilling jewel or a lotus bud the esoteric representation suggests purity.

Fugen Bosatsu is sometimes seen as a correlation with Ganesha and Indra within the Hindu pantheon and is a central deity of the Flower Garland Sutra.

Fugen Bosatsu:

Also known as Samantabhadra we find that Fugen Bosatsu may be in charge of the role of truth from a neutral perspective. The Japanese believe Samantabhadra will be the final Buddha spreading enlightening wisdom. Of particular interest to women in medieval Japan Fugen Bosatsu during the thirteenth century appeared to a monk as a courtesan thereby revealing that Buddahood was a potential in all beings. Today Samantabhadra is little worshiped.

As a totem or spirit animal dragons ask us to view the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder while developing our fortitude, courage, and strength. We are often asked by their presence to master Earth, air, fire, and water. Symbolizing transformation at the emotional and physical level this can often be as simple as a job/career change or shifting your living space. Whatever the change is be forewarned this can be so drastic as to impact your core existence.

“To change, you must face the dragon of your appetites with another dragon: the life-energy of the soul.” – Rumi (Fire Dragon Maple Tree in Garden)

If you desire to reach your full potential you may be required to play a variety of roles including performing that which many others find intimidating and scary. Please be aware of your limits properly ensuring you do not exhaust your energy reserves in meeting the demands of others around you.

Visualization will become a huge tool for you to begin working with so begin to consider images that resonate well with your life goals for contemplation. Journaling your feelings, images, and creating a bond with your spirit guide including dragons is a great way to undertake the process of forming a solid relationship or bond with this totem or spirit animal.

Call upon the dragon when you desire to reconcile your past experiences with your present, when you need to create rapport with your family members, when you need to exude a great power within you, and when you wish to protect what you have built.

Dragon Magic:

In the spirit of the theme today I’ve pulled up a Draconic Chart to investigate Asteroid Drakonia (620). This minor planet orbits the Sun and was discovered October 26, 1906. The Greek Δράκων Drakon meaning dragon also refers to the Draco constellation. Ancient Greek δράκων traditionally relates to sight with a literal meaning of one who stares. A derivative δράκαινα Drakaina speaks to a dragoness or she-dragon.

Draconic Chart for Asteroid Drakonia

When we use the Draconic Chart to study astrology it’s actually quite useful and is always a standby I’ve referred to during my studies on/off. This is a manner with which to delve deeper into the psyche of an individual because it connects to our soul studying our human life, its formation, and its final rewards.

When we desire to deeply manifest and understand our life’s significance this is of assistance in attaining our higher self. The Draconic Chart finds its beginnings in the North Lunar Node at zero degrees or zero point energy of Aries.

Looking upon my chart we find Asteroiod Drakonia is in my 9th House of Aquarius at 3° semisextile Mercury, sextile Saturn and Chiron, trine Uranus, and square Pluto. The intellect prefers to be stimulated and one is often a quick learner preferring the internet for communication and education.

It is by surfing the world wide web that one picks up pieces of information without becoming easily bored. We adopt new technologies and make changes to daily routines or work methods easily. Opportunities for healing come through self healing which is often unconventional and wholistic.

We succeed in life by being an original rather than imitating that which has already been done therefore we favor unconventional approaches to life. We may have a conservative aspect to our persona, but we also like to experiment. We’re also agitated towards marginalization based upon gender, race, or socio-economic status.

This degree has a rather acute ability to be in tune with what is coming feeling the echoes of future events in the present. The chart holder can know when any course that is being followed needs to be changed. They have much insight into the patterns, routines, and the taken for granted programs that people fall into without being aware of their potentially destructive effects sensing when and how to help others wake up.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A vast ornate Hindu temple depicting hundreds of gods.” Since God is everything it can be said that God is both a singularity and a plurality.

This degree deeply senses that the Cosmos is a friendly place, a place that is here to help us, and that God is always willing to find when needed a new manifestation of him/herself to meet whatever needs may arise. The Universe is playful, generous, and infinitely resourceful. We also have it in ourselves to be these things. Work with guardian angel Hariel and daimon Eligor.

Daimon Eligor is a tie into the Seven of Wands, Venus, Thyme, and Leo. Working with Eligor is helpful if you seek a positive change in your personal life or career. When working with this daimon obstacles can be overcome by becoming self confident, focused, and hard working. This daimon helps you to strategize your life. Often working with Eligor helps you to uncover hidden secrets of the inner self.

“If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you try to confront the dragon it will overpower you. If you ride the dragon, you will take advantage of its might and power.” – Chinese Proverb

This degree sits upon two stars within Capricornus known as Giedi Prima and Secunda. Kabbalists identify these fixed stars with the Hebrew letter Yod and the tarot trump of the Wheel of Fortune (a meditation may be found here). The environment one finds themselves in may be peculiar often indicating there may be problems with domestic affairs which occur.

A great crystal to work with for this degree is the Septarian also known as the Dragonstone focusing on messages of new ideas, beliefs, and ways which focus on radical values which shall be indispensable in the future. The affirmation reads as I seek new and inspirational thought patterns.

Unrelated to this specific degree, however, is the fact that the fixed star Regulus ruling Magha nakshatra which I was born into refers to the basilisk. If you’ve never read the esoteric meaning of Abraxas you might find that insightful as well.

The Greeks referred to this as a serpent or worm while the Romans chose Regulus to imply kingly or royal. This became the tales of Medusa later in mythology as it was seen as having the power to cause death when someone looked into their eyes.

We forget that there is the tale of the Seraphim or fiery serpents which again is giving way to the kundalini depicted as flying around the Throne of God/Goddess. Egyptian pharaohs wore headdresses with serpents in the form of cobras as regal power and this meaning transferred to modern day Mecca.

Kabbalistic gematria equates 620 to the Crown chakra as well. We see this best depicted from images in panels of the second shrine to the King Tutankhamun’s tomb where a spitting cobra depicts the electromagnetic energy ejected via a human’s Third Eye chakra. Edfu Texts repeatedly describe this as “one whose inner eye was opened.”

Symbolism carries the message further especially in our BIble by discussing the vulture which was also worn on Egypt’s Atef headdress. The vulture as an energetic scavenger senses the electric fields of animals even as it buries it’s head inside a carcass.

They naturally thermal soar on columns of heat ascending in the air therefore this represents kundalini transformed via our pineal gland which allows us to soar into Cosmic or Christ consciousness. This has been known as the electromagnetic fields also akin to the Goddess Maat with her wings spread which Christians know as the Ark of the Covenant.

This became the Shen Ring upon which a vulture stood as a symbol of heaven and Earth connected transferred to the 24th Greek letter Omega. Essentially spiritual practices are all co-opted and most Abrahamic faiths online prefer to enact psychological warfare over these esoteric concepts to instill fear in societies because behaving childishly and immaturely is considered humorous or fun to those who have an Emotional IQ I try to avoid.

It’s one of those reason I’ve remained happy my blog and online business are not viral. My time on Twitter taught me that I’d probably be annoyed by most influencers who misuse their knowledge, power, or authority because I was often to the point of wanting to “roast” some of them for being incapable of maturing or doing their shadow work.

I said this repeatedly via my business blog that most people I’ve met openly express they don’t want to do shadow work or self improvement. All of which usually is going to be a “trigger” to someone like me.

Have a superb Sunday everyone! Sending you lots of positivity! ✨

Sign Spotlight Sundays: We Interrupt This Broadcast To Look At Mother’s Day via Archetypes, A Garden, & Astrology

“Being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. Being brave means you are scared, really scared, badly scared, and you do the right thing anyway.” – Neil Gaiman, Coraline

Here we go again for another journey into the world of randomness and zany because it seems to be what I do best! That includes the annoying mention of underlined hyperlink text actually leads to “more elaboration” of the general story I’m trying to narrate today!


Because today is a seemingly “different” Sunday I’m interrupting my blog posts on the Asian zodiac signs to instead update you on the garden as well as to look at an astrology position with a focus on the Mother as an entire archetype.

We need to go about this by understanding what forms the “Mother” may show herself as because she embodies light, darkness, and something in-between. Therefore I would like for you to compare the Great Mother with the Dark Mother to round this out. You see the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine live in all of us, and we’re very much likely to also project the energies outwardly rather than owning them inwardly.

I also was given Coraline by my mother as a DVD thereby seeing the Neil Gaiman conceptualization of this motif. And I’ve definitely glimpsed both of these in my own life which I’m still struggling with because I don’t really know that I want to embody the archetype in the way that some other women have as it is not appealing to me in any shape or form.

I do believe you’ll see how I’ve also enmeshed with concepts that combine/merge the white and black mixing them into a sort of gray space. Some of which looks vaguely familiar!

Ah, but if we look at the Duir/Daleth and “door” concept even with the oak tree bed I inherited one has to wonder about this “other” mother that we may meet lurking in our individual or collective consciousness. This just reminds me of a webiste I saw years ago that told the Kabbalah and Tao of Pooh which fascinated me as I was nicknamed “Pooh Bear” growing up which then became Pookie (a variation of Pooky). Did anyone else see this episode?!

I have a purple 3D printed version of the name “Pookie” which sits in my bedroom on my Ikea wall mounted book case my step father made for me. I guess someone has to embody all of this “stuff.” I have been trying to figure out “why!” I’ll admit I loved Coraline when I first watched it! I’ve not watched it in a long time though.

The Divine Feminine has many aspects that reach far beyond a personal mother, grandmother, step mother, and mother-in-law. I notice most women and men have limited her embodiment by also ignoring her as nurse, governess, or remote ancestress. This is a category of the Goddess most often only shown today in many Abrahamic faiths as the Mother of God, Virgo the Virgin, or Sophia.

Demonized are many other constructs by these faiths such as Demeter, Kore, Cybele/Attis, and so forth. The archetype in it’s entirety can arouse devotion, feelings of awe, or a figurative sense goal of longing for redemption as told via the concepts of the Garden of Eden/Paradise and the Kingdom of God/Heavenly Jerusalem.

These all overlook the correspondences in complexity which include the unity of heaven with Earth, the woods, the sea or any still waters, matter, the underworld, the Moon, fertility, fruitfulness, the ploughed field, and the cornucopia. Many of these are also meant to symbolize various vessels such as rocks, caves, trees, deep wells, the rose, lily, and lotus, or a magical circle/mandala.

We find this archetype in ovens, cooking vessels, and the more literal view of the womb, uterus, and yoni. She has been given to us as the sacred cow and hare/rabbit. It is here that we encounter maternal solicitude, sympathetic magic, spiritual exaltation transcending reason, helpful impulses, and all that is cherishing/sustaining to foster growth.

When we see her as the witch, dragon, serpent, or through the lens of Lilith we encounter the Devouring Mother. This comes to us as the correspondences of death, nightmares, and the grave or sarcophagus. From this vantage one confronts anything secret, hidden, the abyss, seduction, poisons, and that which feels terrifying or inescapable such as fate/destiny.

In India we have a far better and more workable way to cope with her through the paradox of Kali where prakrti known as matter is assigned three gunas through sattva, rajas, and tamas.

Their culture takes philosophical myth to display Prakrti dancing before Purusha in order to remind him of discriminating knowledge which does not belong to the Mother archetype rather it belongs to the anima which in men appears at first mingled within the Mother as an image. The way to wholeness and healing is to stop denying the archetype within and to dissolve the projections which we cast outside of self.

I see projection in my own life, but I see it directed upon me, and I’ve learned that those who do so are unconscious and completely choosing to remain unaware of their disowned selves. Many of them don’t wish for wholeness because they explained to me they don’t want to work on achieving it. In my opinion this is quite harmful to self/other and shows an immaturity in humanity at large.

From my vantage as I tried to explain to some earlier today I began working through Kabbalah, tarot, and astrology before I achieved Reiki Master level. This included the wealth altar transitioning from the Empress’ energy to the Star’s energy as well as it’s many other symbolic correspondences.

You’ll see that I have preferred not to marry or bear children rather I’ve often tested more as an ecstatic and feel better as embodying this from the realms of gardening or through the creation of self employment even when I held my aesthetic’s business.

With this I’ve spent an ample amount of time also working to grasp my Magha lunar mansion as it transitioned Regulus Leo to Virgo albeit many may not agree with such unorthodox or liberal theories. I did, however, recently color the Lovers tarot card from a deck I own which was also placed upon the wealth altar.

The truth is there is no wrong or right way to embody the archetypes per say, but I think it vital we actually work to own our “mess” because I’m not sure how best to describe it rather than displacing our feelings or misinterpretations on another person, animal, or object.

I’ll admit though most of humanity may be more comfortable with disowning because their ego has these inborn defense mechanisms which may be difficult to accept. I know I don’t have anything perfected nor am I trying to. I’m here to grow and learn!

Solar Arc SAD Chart for Asteroid Jerusalem

I’m going to split this up today given that I don’t want this to be a Chrstianized or Judaic or even Islamic focused entry only as there is an actual asteroid Jerusalem (63163) which I’ve charted in the Solar Arc Direction or SAD chart at my natal 7th House with Chiron having moved two full houses away to the 9th House of Cancer at 3°.

We can also investigate the Arabic Part/Lot for Mother using the formula Ascendant plus Moon minus Venus. For me this placement is found within just barely the Jupiter degree of my 3rd House of Sagittarius at 0°; that zero point energy shows up so often for me.

These charts are the hardest for me to correctly read the houses on for some reason. This is something that would be fun for anyone to do for themselves via’s extended charts or through Astroseek.

Mother Arabic Part/Lot

Let’s make a small note that asteroid Jerusalem is quintile the Sun, sextile Venus, and biquintile Pluto. At the 7th House this represented one to one relationships which can include marriage, but is really any personal or business partnership that involves some form of a commitment on the part of both parties involved. 9th House though seeks to disclose our life philosophies, our journeys away from home, and can impact our communication such as via writing/publishing.

Through the lens of the Moon often equated with maiden, mother, and crone we find that I am comfortable in foreign places knowing how to adapt to various cultures. I happen to prefer my creative approaches to life to be the kind where I see beauty and wonder in that which others overlook or take for granted. My self expression while stylish may aim more at being unique.

We enjoy the perspective of a storyteller immersing ourselves in reading about the life stories of others. We blend interests and aesthetics by letting the outer world influence. One of our favorite past times can be the enjoyment of movies, books, poems, and other works aimed at treating issues of death, jealousy, or the psychological depths and the complexities of what it means to be human.

As the chart holder I have a strong connection to the past where I either delve into it or let it go. When I allow its unresolved energies to haunt me I will be continually weighed down. Rather I need to continually look at the past in a new way that goes beyond my preconceptions of it. Doing this I will learn much and be able to help others through sharing what I have learned.

The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A set of surgical instruments.” The message here is “cut it out.” What needs to be cut out are the burdens, baggage, and attachments that one has grown beyond. Accessing memories requires that they be either embraced or let go of.

This degree is about becoming more aware of what we don’t need, overcoming whatever we are ready to let go of, and finding an effective way to do this that overcomes the problem once and for all. Work with guardian angel Nelchael and daimon Marax.

Daimon Marax is connected with the Four of Swords, Mars, Elder, and Libra. You will know when you’re working with Marax as this will help you succeed at learning astronomy, astrology, and herbalism. I’ve occasionally seen connections to the goddess Maat.

The fixed star of this degree is Propus in the right foot of Castor in Gemini. This fixed star embodies companionship due to the mythology surrounding the Gemini constellation. Greek and Babylonian mythology indicates an epic where a princess promises her beloved eternal love and companionship under a watchful and approving gaze. The energy of this fixed star is generally of Mercury and Venus offering a courteous, affable, orderly, and artistic demeanor.

Confusion is found in this fixed star as to if it is Castor’s foot or the twin’s shoulders coming together to represent two heads being better than one. It can be implied that associative thinking is found through the energy of Propus which is vital to becoming a good astrologer who reads a horoscope well. Some combine this with the Saturnine energy of fixed star Wasat to breakdown the negative qualities of our unconscious fears. This is the placement of those who are modernists.

We are two months into the garden adventure. We have beans! They’re small right now, but we’re making progress in the vegetable kingdom!
This includes the purple beans which are a very beautiful shade. What I’m learning is that I won’t be having an Easter egg hunt. This is going to be a green, yellow, and purple bean hunt as they’re buried in ginormous leaves!
We have the first nasturtiums growing in our wildflowers. A very bright orange color which may not be as vibrant via the photos as seen in person.
Yes, I know more beans, but I’m so happy to be succeeding at growing food!
Lettuce galore! Lots of salads or lettuce wraps.
The first cosmos flower of the season. I can see there will be many more. Also a very small marigold. Our marigolds are not happy with the heat this year. I believe I will be losing some of them this year sadly.
Basil, carrot tops, and a blanket of cosmos flowers soon to erupt. We lost our three level tier garden bed out front. Some of the basil was put in a yellow plastic basket and also in a pot as an emergency transplant.
Roma tomatoes! They’re “trying,” but I need to fertilize them again.
Greenery of the wildflowers which have taken on a life of their own. Also the potatoes which have still not flowered so I’m patiently waiting till harvest.

Backtracking to the Arabic Part/Lot of Mother we learn that our 3rd House helps us to learn and communicate especially during early education, but goes further into showing how we relate to our siblings as well as what kind of environment we’re naturally attracted to.

This is the placement for those individuals who require mental stimulation, love conversation with others, and who take in facts easily. While open to new ideas and capable of understanding different modes of thought we are flighty more akin to a social butterfly flitting around.

As the chart holder I have a genius for connecting everything while weaving the various parts of life together into a whole that is unlimited because life knows no end. The impulse to forward movement is relentless, and I always desire to go further sometimes without even being sure of what the goal is.

This may wear out those who yearn for a stopping place and frustrate those who seek closure, but the discoveries made by the restlessness found here can be priceless.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “Clouds overhead seen in a reflecting pool.” Creating a feeling of great depth reflects a great height and all of the clouds are filled with passing nebulousness. This is an extremely imaginative degree which allows anything possible to be envisioned. It is the antidote to our neat little ways of being that are cut and dry.

Confusing it well may be, but to see confusion as negative is a value judgement of the rational mind. We might call this degree “the glories of confusion,” and find that out of confusing truths the most fantastic shapes and sizes are continually being born. Or again we might say that the path of confusion is just as valid a way as any other to reach higher consciousness. Work with guardian angel Yeratel and daimon Ronove.

Daimon Ronove is connected with the Six of Wands, Mars, Cinnamon, and the Moon. If you’ve been working with this daimon expect to learn to control your emotions wile studying languages, divination, dream interpretation, and intuitional knowledge.

The fixed star of this degree happens to be Zeta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. I’ve written a bit about Lupus before, and I encourage everyone to venture to that blog post as it was quite thorough. If you would like to see something a bit more in a Biblical vein this may be helpful.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day. Next week I leave the current store I’ve been training at to work at a different store which is closer to my house. There are five stores total in our specific franchise for the cosmetology company I am working part time for.

So I have two keys now; the one my manager gave me and a gold one for the store I begin working at this week. Maybe I’m going to be being bounced around between the two of them! I successfully survived my first Saturday alone though! Oh, and a key to my bedroom because we updated the doorknobs to have locks. Three keys in one week!

I do believe though that the key my manager gave me has a direct tie in to something with this zero point energy! It’s all coming full circle for me given my “word” for 2022 seemed to correlate with this theme. 🌌👩‍🚀

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Hippity Hop

“When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, But REALLY loves you, then you become real.” – Velveteen Rabbit

Last Sunday was the Tiger now we move on… Use the underlined hyperlink text to seek out some unusual solutions to culture.


Those born in the years 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, and 1999 or the year of the Usagi/Rabbit make up a collection of smooth talkers who are talented, ambitious, virtuous, and reserved receiving admiration and trust from their peers.

People born under this influence are the happiest of the zodiac epitomizing refinement, rarely displaying anger/aggression, and have a natural shrewdness about them. They can perceive things before they happen ensuring that they can undertake much in the business or personal life spheres by being skillful at assessing the pros/cons of any situation examining it from every angle. Their eye for beauty is associated with beautiful paintings, cultured views, and individualistic fashion sense.

This sign falls under Monju Bosatsu associated with education therefore many may pay homage in the hopes of passing exams or becoming gifted writers. One of Monju Bosatsu’s other correspondences is the removal of delusion. You will see depictions often of him riding a lion known as the king of a hundred animals carrying the scriptures of Buddhism in his right hand to signify a living person’s search for enlightenment.

Monju Bosatsu is held to perform actions which save people by cutting off evil as the root of malefic thoughts/actions which are the byproduct of ignorance.

Monju Bosatsu:

Further depictions will show Monju Bosatsu riding atop a roaring lion or shishi symbolizing the actual voice of Buddhist law overcoming all obstacles. You will find a shishi flanks our garden at the front door to our house. We may see this again in the gejishi-in mudra as I’ve covered months ago in a blog post where the gesture of the outer lion and its immediate counterpart naijishi-in or gesture of the inner lion represent the Yin/Yang relationship.

When seen outside of a Buddhist temple they guard against evil and baleful influence uttering the sound “A” for Alpha and “Un (Hūm) for Omega to destroy the false views of nihilism and externalism as falsehoods. There is neither real nor unreal.

If you see an infant Monju Bosatsu this corresponds to eternal youth from the Sanskrit Kumarabhuta. There are eight attendants for Monju Bosatsu known as the Great Youths referred to as Komo, Hokan, Keishini, Ubakeishini, Shittara, Jie, and Chosho. The last five are female collectively known as the Five Messengers. Some recognize that the purpose here is to be reminded of the dangers of nuclear power plants. In Fukui Prefecture there are two named Monju and Fugen.

December 8, 1995 Monju was temporarily shut down due to a sodium coolant leak. Fugen advances thermal reactions using uranium and plutonium as fuel. There was stiff opposition to these reactors and Buddhists believe by naming them after both Monju and Fugen Bosatsu this is a swift vengeance sent by Heaven.

Rabbits and hares alike will connect with reproduction, abundance, fertility, humility, rebirth, and the release of fears. They ask you to take opportunities in life as they come to you before they pass you by without allowing your fears to create stagnation. When rabbit or hare appear you may find that your endeavors move forward as if taking a leap of faith.

Rely on and further develop your intuition and you will quickly succeed at sensing what paths will lead to danger so that you can avoid them. Keep an eye on your impulsivity ensuring that at all times you look before you leap. If you spot a rabbit or hare near Easter then your dreams might relate to your childhood or memories of the past. Rabbits and hares alike share a short life span so the message here is to take advantage of every waking moment to reach your goals moving forward with perseverance.

Please be aware that rabbits and hares also have many predators which is why they often reproduce at a higher rate than other animals. Across the cultures you may also be familiar with the story of the Usagi in the Moon, but it’s also important to remember this is a symbol of the Goddess of Love known as Aphrodite. This concept has been popular in Mexican lore as well such as with the Aztecs.

Moon Rabbit:

I am not finding very much by way of what could be used for astrology here except for tweaking one specific asteroid. The connection my mental intelligence comes up with here is that rabbits and hares while both members of the leporid family have key differences. The rabbit is a social burrowing mammal who at birth is known as a kitten or bunny which is furless, blind, and completely dependent upon its mother for survival making them easy targets for predation. Hares are born to run from birth known as a leveret covered with fur, capable of sight, and known to be hopping within an hour or two.

Hares are solitary with a tendency to gather in small groups to huddle for warmth in snow shelters when necessary. Rabbits on the other hand live in warrens or a special nursery dug by mother rabbits covered with twigs, grasses, and fur plucked from her own chest. Asteroid Warren (5597) might be applicable here in a somewhat unusual way. Orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter we might glean some insight if I were to chart this for myself or if other’s charted it for themselves.

Persona Chart for Asteroid Warren

The Persona chart tells the story of an inner personality which is an individual sound of a person within us who is independent. For me the standard run of this presents Asteroid Warren in the 11th House Scorpio at 20° with Uranus. Aspects include semisquare the Moon, square Jupiter, and conjuct Uranus. The 11th House in Vedic astrology known as Badhaka is obstructive towards the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

You will face obstacles in this house of friendships where you may prefer seclusion rather than the life of a social butterfly. It is often used as a determinant of financial assistance and gains from your associations outside of profession such as inheritances, foreign sources, and speculation.

This displays as a healer with powerful subconscious drives/longings, the killing off of bad habits, and finding comfort in intensely transformative experiences. One is to gain an underworld experience of growth by having their belief systems shaken up where they are opened to new sources of inspiration. This encourages one to know that a new philosophical/spiritual system is to be followed.

You will feel driven to liberate yourself from anything which restrains or limits your ability to actualize your unique authenticity. All unconscious motives and desires are no longer denied where one may overturn their life structures to forge a new path.

There may be an accumulation of knowledge here, but can it be used? The chart holder needs to actualize this wisdom in the immediate world around themselves rather than just passively holding onto what they know. There is a tendency for the mind to become a barrier to growth and forward movement. The way out of this is to let go of what you think you know while going spontaneously where your instinct takes you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A serpent wrapped around an immense egg.” The man and the serpent feel as if they have to protect this life and wisdom. Yet wisdom and truth can never be destroyed only the forms in which they manifest can be which is what must be protected. We might call this degree “The Guardian of Truth.”

Carrying all of this is a burden, but at the right place and the right time the chart holder will be prepared for they will be able to reach in their metaphorical sack and pull out what is needed. This is what makes all this inconvenience worth it. And when the egg is ready to hatch the serpent will then be able to relax his coils allowing the new life to unfold and take wing.

This degree may often do things which seem impractical or unnecessary, but it senses something others don’t sense with a need to follow these inklings and meet their requirements. Also it needs to develop the ability to go ahead and use what it has even when it seems there isn’t much outer support for doing so. Work with guardian angel Mebahel and daimon Leraje.

Daimon Leraje represents the Six of Wands, Moon, Leo, and Lemon. If you’re working with Leraje you will likely change your outlook on life while reconciling conflicts with difficult people. This daimon helps one to shed their naivety or gullibility while teaching nature based knowledge. Leraje’s healing style is one that teaches physical and emotional well being.

One can work with Peach Moonstone for this degree while remaining brave and intrepid uncovering personal power through inner wisdom focused upon providing hope to society revealing that which is important and valuable. Affirm that you are moving beyond limitations.

What did Santa bring you? Or was that Krampus? (The Coalsack Nebula)

This degree sits upon Alpha Musca in Musca the Fly. The common housefly known as muscadomestica derives from the word Mu meaning gnat and to buzz as well as midge and muscarine which is the red form of mushroom known as Amanita Muscaria.The Fly Agaric mushrooms have chemical properties which target specific areas of the brain. We see them as common red caps with white polka dots and they tend to work upon the parasympathetic nervous system involved in heart rate/force, contraction of smooth muscles, the release of neurotransmitters, control of posture, and memory.

Our mythology has identified this with Beelzebub as a God of the flies. Further mythology tells of Metis the first wife of Zeus who transformed herself into various shapes and when in the shape of a fly was swallowed by Zeus while already pregnant with Athena. Inside of Zeus we find that Metis began immediately fashioning Athena’s robe and helmet causing Zeus great pain in his head. So that’s what I’ve been plagued with for months on end!

Fly Agaric:

Do Christians realize that metaphysically there was a point where Jesus was called Beelzebub for demonstrating truth in an age in which he lived (Christ/Cosmic consciousness)? You will find this in Mark 3:20 to Mark 3:30. The names Baal-Zebul, Baal-Zevulon, and Baal-Al-Zebul relate to the oak tree, Thor’s hammer, the Vajra, mountains/mountaintops, the Sowilo rune, thunderbolt, and a bull’s head.

This corresponds to union/division, the spark of life, kingship, rulership, and protection. The Ancients used this to refer to Zeus, Thor, Indra, and the Baltic God Perkunas. Baal is in reference to basileus or king as a title where coins in ancient Greece were minted with the face of Zeus as well as shields.

The full association closes with rain or energy which flows down from the Crown chakra combined with the bioelectricity generated during meditation. Modern religions slander these practices ignorant of the psychological importance of Beelzebul or Zeus as Divine Masculine strength known as the deciding force of the kosmos or all that is.

Many worked with this energy in the past to remove tyrants from their positions of power. Another use of Beelzebul is to drive away pestilence in the form of physical illness, social perils as a restorer of justice, and to employ vibration in healing an afflicted soul.

Not much else to say at this time. Tomorrow I will see if I can share some garden photos as a status update. It certainly does not belong here. I hope everyone is doing well and has an elevated Sunday! 🏮🍡⛩️

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Do Tiger’s Change Their Stripes?

“A tiger never returns to his prey he did not finish off.” – Chinese Proverb.

We left off at the Ox in February 2022. I was going to take today off not posting a blog post, but I’ve been ignoring Sunday’s for quite some time so I decided to sneak this one in despite my desire to excuse myself for a day. 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Let’s investigate some Big Cat energy via the provided underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, and 1998 or the year of the Tora/Tiger display sensitivity, stubborness, a shorter fuse temperament, courage, and can be deep thinkers capable of great sympathy for those they feel an affinity towards.

When born under the influence of the Tiger one is likely to be a living symbol of strength and power inspiring awe/respect of their peers through a dynamism, independent nature, and curiosity about life which makes them irresistible to their followers and admirers. Their self assurance and liberal mindedness, however, can also come across as selfishness if it is not balanced with humanitarianism or altruism. The Tiger embodied individual will often throw off confining traditional roles as well as seek out solitude. They posses a gift for open mindedness, seeing things objectively, and discernment of truth excelling at reading how others feel.

This sign falls under Kokuzo Bosatsu as well like the Ushi/Ox we previously covered corresponding to the Space/Sky Repository signifying unlimited wisdom and compassion. This speaks to the removal of obstacles helping people recognize and overcome their errors. I invite everyone to re-explore my entry in February on the Ox as a “refresher” to learn more about Kokuzo Bosatsu’s associations. You will find this information as well as helpful underlined hyperlink text about the third paragraph down fleshing out better understanding without me re-publishing the same rhetoric.

This is also due to the fact that I actually struggled finding information on Kokuzo Bosatsu’s correspondences; I believe nothing much has changed due to the algorithms of modern artificial intelligence. Let’s not get me started on that rant again because I’m not a fan of anything false, misleading, or unnatural via man made artifice when it comes to the capacity of the mind to discern truth. Let’s just say I’m unimpressed because I’ve been online since the late 90s. No, I’m not a dinosaur; I simply see flaws or holes in the Matrix sort of like those black cat glitches!

As we are embarked currently on the Year of the Water Tiger we can expect focused expressions of our mental landscape amidst our current times of adversity, limitations, and fears which may reside in our subconscious or be manufactured via our outside reality by the interconnected nature of all. We should look at the union of perceived opposites known as duality as a learning experience where different approaches/systems have in common a harmonized way of existing. Water is essential to life and this year also asks us to place a focus on our kidneys much the same as Libra when I discussed it through the lens of Judaism and Christianity.

You see your kidneys are the organ in charge of eliminating nitrogen waste from your blood as well as foreign substances you’ve chosen to incorrectly introduce into your organism like toxic substances absorbed with your food/water consumption or medications. It is here that acid base and blood PH are maintained which assist with blood pressure. Their importance with all the fluids of your body resonates deeply to your Emotional IQ where your physical as well as sexual energy and fears will be reflected back to you.

The kidneys ask if you have the ability to face the pressures of life and traditional Chinese medicine associates these organs with ancestral frequencies. Something I’m constantly discussing due to the Magha lunar mansion’s emphasis on ancestral veneration. When you experience problems with your kidneys it expresses a hidden component known as fear of losing or not feeling a part of something such as family, country, and so forth. Coexistence is a correspondence of the kidneys so if you feel separate, abandoned, or isolated you may experience renal dysfunction. This will also begin to display in the arterial through hypertension when the Heart chakra closes. I believe in Kabbalah this would sound like the state of exile.

For me, I recently recovered from a uterine tract infection, and I know that kidney stones run in my maternal lineage. I equally know that Magha nakshatra is ruled by Regulus at the heart of Leo the lion. You’ll thus understand why I’m a bit particular about medical freedom and informed consent as well as other topics as of late such as CRISPR gene modification which I’m actually just not a fan of evident in that I organic garden stringently to avoid this.

I don’t think we fully understand or innerstand what we’re doing because the idea of hacking anything usually means infecting it with malware/viruses and last I checked this creates also exposure to harm. Hackers are identity thieves and predators we do well to protect ourselves against. Those who don’t protect themselves or guard their lives/investments can incur serious and otherwise unnecessary suffering.

We have to develop a friendship with the unknown and change. The Year of the Water Tiger is Yang asking that we cross a big body of water, but this requires you to be brave enough to answer the call knowing that you will land upon a foreign shore in the borderlands of existence where the understanding of what you call home is washed away and you never return to the comfort of what once was. The first time this occurred for all was the birth canal from which we were born crying, reaching out in hunger/desire, and the mother principle went through unbelievable exertion and pains.

Daoism views the Universe and consciousness as never ending, self sustaining, and a co-creation of opposing forces that takes place in a forming and dissolving, emerging and collapsing, and circular path known as the spiral. This belief system views the most Divine form as that of the androgyne/hermaphrodite with a full access to gender traits as seen in the Yin Yang which belongs to all of us.

This concept is esoteric and metaphysical speaking to anatomy where the two bodies of our brain are identical composed of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine nature which can never be dissociated as seen in alchemy. No, not the kind with absurd elixirs of immortality that were toxic soups of ingredients humans were never meant to ingest, inject, and poison themselves with. Sorry that to me is crazy and disturbing logic. Why would you want to poison yourself or others exactly?! Hinduism has used Brahma as direct light and creation to describe the root of growth/expansion where both fire and water mix to create man in God’s image as both male/female or androgyne. In Hinduism this is described as ardhnarishwara.

The problem arises in literalization when Brahma divides itself into a pair of two Hermes known as dharma (righteousness and merit through conformity to Universal laws and principles) and Aphrodite as murti (image and embodiment). This is the means to reproduction and manifestation through which kundalini arises, both snakes merge together, the he/she within projects both polarities of his/her original creator parent outwardly, and we become whole. Instead what many teach or promote has left humanity at large low, degraded, and carrying a rotten view of the proper orientation of spirituality as we bring it down into the 3D from higher vibrational worlds.

When the Divine Masculine denies the Divine Feminine and vice versa we diminish the capacity to experience our emotions, we control through rigidity and fixed ideologies, we pursue ambition through competition at the cost of other, and we lack any ability to create genuine relationships. It is in this manner that the world inverts becoming a place of manipulation, passivity, illicit exploitation, incompetence, and victimization for the gain of power.

If humans continue to separate themselves from what they eat, how they consume, and deny that our choices have provided for making our living unhealthy we will continue to live behind the locked doors of factory farming, processed/genetic modification, and extractive industries of our energy/mineral resources. These all are symbolic of a death phobia and culture that is led by toxic, unchecked, and uninhibited entitlement to cannibalism. If we observe an actual tiger in nature we see this animal does not predate in any form upon which it is dominating life or over consuming. Humans play a larger role in the ecosystem by which we are not very good predators.

Big Cat energy asks that we learn the endless game of run and return or spontaneity, improvisation, chase, and following. When you read the subtle hints or gestures of another good hunter you become available to the muse allowing yourself to be led. Warriors like the tiger cultivate the bravery to face death with all of its consequences understanding that this provides for our aliveness. You don’t arrive at this place without having a true value for all living things so that you don’t misuse them.

This means you produce no waste and leave no loose ends. Nature devours; what a coyote does not finish the vulture will followed by the worms and microorganisms that then feed the soil, grasses, and trees. This frequency of Tiger also often teaches one to embrace and value their solitary moments. Being social creatures is great, but we all need time for ourselves alone as well if we expect to find stillness and peace.

When Tiger energy enters it can rule its domain with an iron fist riding over the rough waves in life. Don’t waste your energies pursuing what will not add value to your life. You have the power to be independent while remaining patient as you focus on your goals amidst any distractions coming your way. Now is the time to avoid aggression and speed slowing down to pay attention and strike when the moment is right. This vibration is great for rising above setbacks or missed opportunities, disconnecting from stressful people or places, and becoming more productive in life.

Age Harmonic Chart for Asteroid Tigris

I’ve used the Age Harmonic chart to plot today the Asteroid Tigris (13096) which as I’ve said anyone can do this to locate the energies they are working with at this time. These charts are able to elicit the present and future defining moments of any person’s life, but can be used for much more such as a nation, enterprise, or for two people such as seen in Synastry or Composite charts. The honest truth is that some believe these are better than the traditional Solar/Lunar Return charts.

Tigris is the Latin form of tiger taken from Ancient Greek via τίγρις. I’m not going to state I’m entirely accurate here, but I do believe this chart has the makings possibly of a Kite configuration within it. These can foster wholeness through polarity when we adapt, transform, and properly manage expansion. Asteroid Tigris nestles into my Neptune/Piscean ruled 12th House in this chart of Pisces at 27° with Uranus. Tigris also forms a trine with Mars and a sextile with Jupiter. The Harvest Moon is very symbolic of the Autumnal Equinox when we claim all we have learned from and grown.

This energy allows for one to work hard to fix injustices that seem impossible while feeling undermined at times by others. This can be done anonymously or via charity, but the focus here is always on remembering that when it comes to anything spiritual we will deal with karma (what goes around comes around). While we may discuss what cultivates collective imaginings we discover a larger truth that requires us to be far more mindful of life’s mysteries.

Whatever the chart holder becomes entangled with by circumstance must be something that is needed for everything is here for us to learn from. This degree knows this truth thus the chart holder is very accepting of anything that comes its way ever trying to figure out the relationship of other to self. Its magic is the ability to transform the seemingly random into the deeply meaningful.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A ritual sand painting.” The desire to bring all of one’s vision and aliveness into the present now moment free of worry about the future reveals the underlying Cosmic patterns of the Universe.

This practice shows us something, but because the grains of sand are not fixed being thrown to the winds once the painting is completed like any mandala it reminds us that these Cosmic conscious patterns being revealed are actually within us as we are living them. Can we like a spider search our mind to see if we have captured the meaning of them?

The emphatic message that one needs to align with the energies of the Cosmic dance not worrying about the future allows one to find within the freedom to achieve closure where closure is needed and appropriate. Work guardian angel Rehael and daimon Decarabia.

Daimon Decarabia represents the Seven of Swords, Moon, Lunaria, and Aquarius. Lunaria is known as the money plant which I’ve seen and studied previously before I took to building my astrology business.

A word of caution these plants are toxic to cats creating excretion problems, blood problems, and severe cases of vomiting/depression therefore they should be avoided like the plague if you own any feline fur babies. You can instead substitute Pennywort also known as Gotu Kola which is safer as an alternative money tree.

Working with Decarabia increases knowledge of herbs, precious stones, and astral travel. This daimon places a focus on all things Divine Feminine. You will develop a broader understanding of nature elementals while transcending the ego. If you’ve been facing obstacles and deception in life you will find that Decarabia can dissolve these.

Some believe that the Tiger is associated with the analogy of hexagram 49 often translated as revolution because with reference to the title of my blog post the tiger does not change their stripes. If you would like to learn about this hexagram or Tao verse please use the links below!


As there is no fixed star to mention for this degree I wish you all a very bright and beautiful Sunday! I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend before it is gone too soon. If anything provided has helped you please consider supporting my business with an astrology report or a small donation. Lots of love! 💖

Cat got your tongue?!

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Ushi is to Aleph as Ailm is to Alif

“I like feeling like an ox at the end of the day. I like working hard.” – Unknown

We continue from the Rat today. Let us see how this compares to a Western metaphysical or spiritual view in astrotheology with the help of the provided underlined hyperlink text.


Those born in the years 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, and 2009 or the year of the Ushi/Ox work diligently yet patiently with intelligence and reflective thought. They enjoy helping others. Their tenacity and self sacrificing exterior hides an active mind operating from balance and strength inspiring confidence. Oxen appear obstinate and slow, but they also impress others as leaders fearing no responsibility or risk placed before them. Sometimes they labor long hours to accomplish little.

People born under this influence are kind caring souls filled with common sense and with their feet securely planted on the ground. Security is their main preoccupation in life thus they are prepared to toil long and hard to provide a warm, comfortable, and stable nest egg for themselves and their families. These individualistic people don’t take kindly to being told what to do.

This sign falls under Kokuzo Bosatsu corresponding to the Space/Sky Repository signifying unlimited wisdom and compassion. This speaks to the removal of obstacles helping people recognize and overcome their errors.

Kokuzo Bodhisattva was originally paired with Jizo Bosatsu as the Earth Repositor with both representing the blessings of space and Earth respectively. This pairing is almost entirely forgotten. Today Jizo is one of Japan’s most popular deities worshipped both independently and as an important member of Amida Buddha’s retinue. Kokuzo is a relatively neglected deity whose adherents come largely from the Shingon tradition.

Kokuzo’s role in esoteric rites is to improve one’s memory encouraging the practice of the Ten Perfections or in Sanskrit the Paramita as well as Tenbu.

If we step back we see this connects to the Hebrew Aleph, the Ogham Ailm, and the Arabic Alif through the Alphabetic derivatives taken from Aramaic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, Latin, etc. The letter Aleph is the “father” of the Aleph-Beit with the original pictogram representing an ox, strength, and a leader. It’s numerical value is 1 and 1,000 which is a silent letter. Aleph alludes to the ineffable mysteries of the oneness of God/Goddess meaning “Master/Lord.” Phoenician/Ketav Ivri morphed to the Greek Alpha.

In Kabbalistic vein the upper Yod meaning an arm represents a hidden and infinite aspect of YHVH called Ain Sof (אֵין סוֹף, lit. “without end”) yet the lower Yod represents the revelation of YHVH to mankind. The Vav meaning is “hook” indicating connectedness between these two realms. Vav is believed to represent humanity as Adam was created on the sixth day. Vav is diagonal or humbled in the face of God’s/Goddess’ mystery and revelation. These two Yods indicate the paradox of experiencing God as both hidden/close and far/near.


The symbol of which we have already seen in previous blog posts as well.

The basic gematria for Aleph is one, indicating the one and only God/Goddess who is the Master of the Universe. The gematria for the parts of the letter Aleph add up to 26 (Yod, Yod, and Vav). This is the same number as the sacred Name YHVH. This is where the Lord reveals his/her name to Moses as ehyeh asher ehyeh (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה), “I Am That I Am.”

The Celtic Ogham relates directly back to a previous blog post of bibliomancy I performed through a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale book I own. The Ailm as Scot’s Pine or Silver Fir.

In the Arabic sphere or Quran this is seen as Alif, howver, it will represent as Aries as seen or found here. Etymology of Arabic places Alif as 1,000 and Northern Kurdish as fodder, food, and forage.

The Ox is a representation of masculine leadership roles at home and in public as well as fertility and renewal. Oxen were one of the first creatures humanity domesticated to assist on their farms. Oxen provide food for people while being symbols of providers who would supply not only meat, but also leather for clothes or bones and sinews as weapons.

The meaning behind the bull or ox in mythology/folklore represents power. Their strength helped humans domesticate this creature early on through giving up sustenance like beef did when used by hunters. This robust role model holds a fiery personality with crescent shaped horns. Some cultures see the bull/ox as representative of Lunar worship relating to this spirit animal’s ability for intuition and reason to bridge together in one wholistic body connecting to feminine leadership. The Ox does have stubborn tendencies that require taming. They are an excellent guide through their expansive energy channels connecting them with other worlds of the Sun and Moon.

In the ancient world Ox offerings were a common practice. People believed that this creature’s vital essence gave fertility to the Earth and could also cure diseases such as headaches or stomach discontent. The mythology of the Ox and Mino is well known from Greek mythology. This white Ox came to life when King Minos prayed for an animal sacrifice to give to Poseidon as a representation of Neptune or our Piscean Aeon/Age, however, he was excessively greedy desiring this rare creature all to himself while providing only a plain ordinary cow in return. The punishment to Crete is the suffering of many years with famine because of his deplorable selfishness until Zeus or Jupiter (Chesed as in loving kindness/mercy) finally intervened and offered up one more chance at redemption by sending seven girls sacrificed as part time cows. At the same time their maidens could tend them on the land.

Asteroid Minos Age Harmonic Chart

In astrology there is the asteroid Minos (6239) for the King of Crete in the above tale. In the Age Harmonic chart this asteroid is placed in the 10th House of Capricorn 10° which is the house of father figures and authority in terms of how they handle responsibility in one’s life as well.

Are they in fact responsible or irresponsible? What do they do with their status or reputation in the public spotlight as this represents the patriarchy as well as Divine Masculine? The question at this time to be asked is for what is one fighting for or attempting to defend in the presence of perceived enemies or adversaries.

When we look around at our world today it is the Kozminsky Symbol which explains this best for those who are “watching.” Maybe some important questions should be pondered on all sides.

10° Capricorn: A glimmering light stealing into an armory on the walls of which hang polished implements of war.

Denotes one, active, ardent, and militant whose enthusiasm will lead him/her into trouble or danger and who is capable of heroic effort for an espoused cause. The nature is by no means selfish indeed the native would lay down his/her life for that which to him/her is right. It is a symbol of Militarism.

This degree has a lack of attachment to life or the world. It has an ability to move freely through life and to visit many places both physically as well as via inner emotional states which others would not allow themselves to experience due to fear of so much change. What appears to be chaotic behavior on the part of this degree is often seen as quite meaningful upon a closer look as a part of a regimen of highly individualized learning.

The chart holder is always aware that we are continually taking from nature, feeding on it, and using it to fulfill our own purposes. If this is carried out in a respectful way to sustain rather than to merely indulge ourselves we find that nature is always there ready to give. The strange and diverse objects which float down a river are all those things which captivate us one after another as we experience our world around us flowing through time.

The best relationship to have with all this passing stuff is to take what we need from it, use whatever we are inspired to use for whatever we need it for, and let the rest flow on for others downstream to use as needed. This degree carries just this kind of pragmatic yet spiritual attitude when its living in tune with its dharma. Work with guardian angel Mehiel and daimon Flauros.

Daimon Flauros corresponds to the Two of Pentacles, Venus, Capricorn, and Skullcap.

Do you need to be set free from tyranny or oprression.

Then Flauros is who you should be contacting. This daimon knows all things past, present, and future capable of removing obstacles to beginning new phases in life.

A very protective daimon who loves to discuss the Divine speaking often of heaven.

This daimon balances the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s consciousness. Flauros rules over justice, love, baptismal rites, and new beginnings offering one a retentive memory.

Have a sensational Sunday! I wish you joyous opportunities. 🤩

Sign Spotlight Sundays: What You Can Learn from a Rat

“When cats are hairdressers, rats will always go around with uncombed hair.” – African Proverb

I’ve finished the Western Zodiac and was still unsure if I should start a different cultural trek through the signs or not. Given that I will be looking at part time work I estimate I’ll be changing my blogging schedule eventually due to possible time constraints which left me contemplating this morning on if I should begin something I may find myself unable to complete at a future date. I’m going to just keep at what I’ve been doing until the time comes to implement change and adapt rather than go into analysis paralysis. The bigger question then began with which zodiac do I even want to tackle next.

Take a trip with me through a new astrological system via the underlined hyperlink text.


We’re heading comparatively East for now because I was debating between Asian, Celtic Tree, and Egyptian with the latter two being more of a reconstruction or modern conceptualization I’ll leave until later. Similarities exist between the 12 block breakdown of grouped years in the Japanese zodiac with that of the animal based zodiac of the Chinese zodiac. We’ll begin with Nezumi (Rat). Both systems utilize the same year groups for this animal which are as follows:

  • 1912
  • 1924
  • 1936
  • 1948
  • 1960
  • 1972
  • 1984
  • 1996
  • 2008

These two calendrical systems are different from the Western zodiac being that Japan/China utilize the lunar year and five 12 year sub-cycles instead of 12 month solar months annually. Unlike the Hellenized zodiac the Asian counterpart is occidental. In the East their expanded zodiac has ties to divination as well as a cosmology which tracks waxing and waning lunar cycles that counts years, months, days, and hours which was used in forecasting one’s future or the determination of one’s personality.

Nezumi (Rat) also corresponds to the compass direction North, Senju (1,0000 Armed) Kannon, Daikokuten (God of Agriculture and Commerce), the month of November, Yang energy, and the element of water. Additionally if I’m understanding this correctly the year of the Rat would fall under one of the Twelve Heavenly Generals of the Medicine Buddha which has within its own set of correspondences yellow, armed with vajra, leader of the Twelve Heavenly Generals, and may also be known as the Shinto deity Konpira.

These Twelve Heavenly Generals may be explained as Hindu Yaksha incorporated into Buddhism as protective warriors. The earliest form of Yaksha were the spirits of trees, forests, and villages which could be portrayed as both beneficent and malefic. The worship of Yakshas can be considered rajasic often for the gain of material advantage or to harm those who stand in the way of material gain. In a rajasic nature there is found a hungering desire for power, happiness, and ego oriented fulfillment. Spirituality describes those who worship at this level as the servants/slaves of such supernatural energies who will continuously rebirth as their devotees. Yakshas are seen as dependent upon their worshipers. Some spiritual practices believe the Yakshas are never altruistic, vengeful, and easily angered.

Yaksha, Yakshini, and Kubera:

For example, Raksha or Rasetsu were seen as flesh eating demons who were monstrous who would serve the Deva as guardians. If we begin from the beginning of these correspondences we can start with Senju the 1,000 Armed Kannon who also has 1,000 eyes. 8th Century Japan forward this esoteric form originated via India sometime around the 7th Century worshiped independently for avoiding illness, eye disease, and blindness while believed Senju was one of six Kannon working to protect people within six realms of karmic rebirth notably the realm of hungry ghosts.

Senju Kannon:

Folk tales state Kannon vowed to work unceasingly until all sentient beings shall be freed from the cycle of suffering otherwise known as samsara which takes countless attempts leading to distress upon which Kannon’s head splits into eleven heads to witness the world’s suffering making it that much easier to comprehend the cries of the multitude. This deities two arms were also not enough causing them to split also as a symbolic representation of an ability to embrace/alleviate the suffering of an entire world.

Daikokuten who rules over wealth and agriculture (farmers, food, and the kitchen) is a popular household Kami often patron to artisans, craftsman, millers, farmers, bankers, and business owners. Ryobu Buddhism syncretized or synthesized Daikokuten from indigenous Japanese teachings. Taken as an adaptation of Mahakala who is a black faced Brahmanic God/Goddess of procreation the Kanji for the name is interpreted as “Great Black One.” Some images will depict Daikokuten with a wealth giving mallet inscribed with inscriptions for Divine male and Divine female principles taken via Shinto images suggesting their energy is a source of wealth/prosperity. This same mallet can grant the wishes of children. The Rat association was taken from beliefs that with surplus grains comes inevitable free loaders who while non-threatening in the context of overabundance can likewise become devourers of the grains particularly rice.


A strange mythology exists in which the other deities having grown envious of Daikokuten chose to rid themselves by employing Shiro as the one to conquer this deity. The Rat saw Shiro, ran into the garden, brought back a branch of holly and drove away Shiro which has made the association of the holly leaf affixed to the lintel of a front door of a house symbolic of protection from the oni Shiro. Kubira synonymous with Konpira is the guardian of seafarers, navigation, and fishing worshipped as a sea faring god who also assists with water for agriculture. Kubira may appear as a snake/dragon having flown from India towards a sacred cave at Matsuodera Temple on Mt. Zozusan. During Daikoku Matsuri there is a coming of age practice in Japan where participants douse themselves in ice water for good luck blessings.


Those born under Nezumi (Rat) are described as the pioneers who may appear restless, inquisitive, and gifted with intuition, an eye for detail, or an interest in travel. This group is known to foster wise advisors who may hunger for power/money while displaying humor and charm. They can take the high road by being honest and meticulous or the low road by getting ensnared through greed in gambling and manipulation. You’ll find them to be opportunist who are extroverted that know how to control their emotions presenting outwardly as cool, calm, and collected hiding within their possible faults which they only show to those they love opting instead to repress them in from of those they do not feel comfortable around.

As a totem animal the rat can teach us to not be complacent, explore new horizons, and to employ bravery. They ask for you to step out of your comfort zone while avoiding wastefulness in life. Conserve both your resources and energy or if you have excess bestow this upon a deserving person who has less. If you have hit stagnation anywhere in life this totem animal suggest you let go of feelings or opinions which no longer serve you. Call on the rat to help others achieve their goals as much as your own, develop inspiration to survive adversity, and to adapt when mind boggling problems arise in your life. Please consider also that there is a term known as the “Pack Rat” which speaks to this totem in terms of learning to de-clutter your life. The totem animal of the rat reflects the human capacity for greed through this analogy. When you observe rats you’ll find they can dispossess other smaller animals of their homes, compete for food, and spread dis-ease.

Asteroid Kuber Age Harmonic Chart

I did not expect to find absolutely anything to chart today. I found an asteroid for Kuber (15530), however, who is stationed on an Age Harmonic chart with my more recent sidereal interpretations at 4th House Cancer 7° with Chiron literally one degree ahead. We all know the myth of Chiron I hope. Interesting enough the 4th House is as previously discussed all about family, culture/roots, mystical matters, inner nature, and how one nurtures. With this in mind I took an online wounded inner child quiz that gave the result of Perfectionist. I’ve tackled this topic previously being mindful of its presence in my consciousness. Kuber is another reference to Lord Kubera. It gets quite confusing across cultures as well as accepting they like in Kabbalah can have multiple spellings for terminology.


The arctic wasteland under the setting sun.

Envisioning a way of life that is both utopian and practical. Dreaming of a very different mix in the socio-cultural shared life. Motivated by the knowledge and the clear sensing that all of this can be and must be. Wide open to the limitless cosmos. Nominated or appointed to restore the total view. You are gifted exquisitely with an uncompromising truth sense that cleaves to what can be illuminated by the infinite, and you are most dramatically mobilized to spread this realization everywhere you go. Having known forever the way it really is yet zealously drawn back into time to fertilize the ordinary landscape. All facets of life must partake of the bounty, and only then can we rest assured that we have done our part and followed the pulse of Universal conscience where it naturally leads.

This degree utilizes the darkest areas of consciousness and the cloudiest of situations to sense the potential for purity. Knowing deep in one’s being that the highest ideals are possible to fulfill. The chart owner’s energy, therefore, is a potent antidote for depression/despair. How this manifestation of ideals is to be accomplished is for one’s intuition to discover, their rationality to honor, and for them not to obstruct.

The aura of a mystic can be so focused on their own little world that the hostile environment of the Arctic urges them to find an inner source of life sustenance when the outer source here has virtually disappeared. The sign of Cancer is the sign most attuned to learning and teaching hereby focused on contacting and comprehending the deepest most universal truths. Work with guardian angel Nith-haiah and daimon Glasya Labolas.

Daimon Glasya Labolas will introduce you to the 8 of Wands, Mercury, Sagittarius, and Storax. As previously noted I’ve read somewhere this daimon acts like you have a cloak or cap of invisibility and ensures you are not overly materialistic. Glasya Labolas can be invoked to ensure what you’re doing is kept secret making you “invisible.” This daimon will make you wise to what is really going on around you while ensuring your friends and enemies are unsuspecting. This daimon is ideal for execration/binding, but also keeps your projects secret from noisy coworkers or competitors.

Two fixed stars are placed here in the front left and hind paws of Canis Major which are Mirzam and Furud. Mirzam takes its name from “The Announcers” with reference to the heralding of the coming of Sirius in the night sky and has been associated by Kabbalists with Tzaddi. Furud referencing “The Bright Single Ones” like Mirzam has the same associations. I have not found much else on these two fixed stars.

Have a stellar Sunday! 😃

Wounded Inner Child Quiz Result

Sign Spotlight Sundays: Aquarius Should Chop Wood, Carry Water

Aquarius – January 20 through February 19

Last week I mistakenly did Pisces when I should have written about Aquarius so now I’m doubling back to ensure I don’t leave any sign out! Let’s shake up our level of conscious awareness today via the underlined hyperlink text. The title references a Zen koan. “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”


Aquarius shines light on Earth with clarifying healing rays which seeks to purify the darkness until it is gone. In this sign humanity finds that the nature of connection is holding everything together subjectively and in truth. The mantra of Aquarius is Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty humanity.

Water is a symbol of substance and material expression with an emotional motivation which consequently is dual in its activity. Substance and our imprisoned soul begin to work via mutual tolerance. The soul expresses through substance in Universal relationships, interplay, and consciousness. Constant movement, changing activity, and recurrent mutations signify cycles which are mastered and understood by an initiate.

Detachment to “normal” occurs and innovative ideas are to be experienced. When we share creativity with others the idea then becomes available to all leading to the gaining of insight about the wider scope of human necessity where being supportive of collective networking allows the implementation of new ideas. Self development and personal ideas open up to a far wider social concept that focuses upon change for the benefit of the whole.

Awakening to the beauty of group life consciousness unfolding and expressing the activity of the mind initiates the purposes of Universal mind. The soul is to be brought into active cooperation with the inner plan of God/Goddess. This is called world service dedicated to the welfare of humanity. One works to establish networks that allow the development of new processes for the benefit of collective purpose. The lesson is finally learned. Opportunity for the development of collective pursuits leads to increasing the level of group unity within humanity.

Consciousness held steadily in an initiate becomes the incarnated world server through Aquarius. The rulers of Aquarius determine the path an initiate must take. Uranus is the guardian of Aquarius at the level of personality with Jupiter as the guardian of the esoteric level. The Moon operates at the hierarchical level.

Uranus gives spontaneous evolutionary development towards better conditions. One develops into a leader bringing about desired changes and produces new conditions which will help the soul of humanity express itself more freely. Jupiter assists with becoming selfless thereby allowing for group service to take the place of selfishness to realize an abundant life. The welfare of the larger whole comes first in the consciousness of an initiate with this combination of forces. Jupiter in Aquarius symbolizes an overflowing cup open to the down flow of Divine energy while liberally pouring it forth in free bestowal. The Moon’s harmony brings beauty and art to indicate a field of service on planet Earth that aims at attaining the goal of cooperation.

The pitcher from which water flows is a vehicle of consciousness where primordial substance represents everything that is made. This state of consciousness is not limited by the form or the organisms of life through which consciousness is commonly expressed. This sign reflects the ultimate liberation which is possible when the cycle of evolution is at last completed.

Tree of Life (Fence in Garden/Mandala I Colored)

From within esoteric Judaism and Christianity we see this best in the month Shevat. It is upon the 15th of this month that a celebration known as the New Year of Trees occurs. This is the day when the new year is reckoned as the fruit of the trees is regarded as a tithe. Fruit which blossoms after this date is not to be taken as a tithe. The fruit of any tree less than three years old is forbidden to eat. Tu BiShvat is celebrated via partaking of fruit as an allusion to the secret of God’s essential name Havayah. In the value of the first two letters of Havayah through the Yod and Heh one can identify the higher concealed level of unification. The last two letters of Vav and Heh signify the lower revealed level of unification.

The letter Tzaddi gets often conflated and sometimes confused with the term tzaddik symbolic of a righteous one as the foundation of the world. A tzaddik in each generation will personify the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden whereupon all trees correspond to the souls of the righteous. Tzaddi signifies to some a true manifestation of a tzaddik in the future that resembles a tree of knowledge or gnosis. The month of Shevat is a month for connecting to a true tzaddik of a generation; the Tree of Life in a generation.

Shevat is is when rain water from winter begins to ascend in the veins of trees bringing it new life. The ascension of water is represented by a lifted pail which is an allegory for the verse “my eyes are lifted up to heaven” from Isaiah 38:14. The sense in this month is taste via Proverbs 13:25 which states a tzaddik eats to satisfy their soul. Eating from the Tree of Life brings great pleasure or life via the Divine sparks of light and life force present within the food one eats. This rectified level of consciousness is continuously aware that the physical 3D is not all that there is to existence. The controller of Shevat is the stomach and esophagus therefore grinding is essential to proper digestion. Chewing our food correctly ensures that the stomach can properly digest and retrieve nutrition from what we consume preventing digestive distress within the body.

The Aquarian myth tells the story of Ganymede and Zeus, but what I’m questioning is if Mount Ida is an estoeric key through Mount Ida referencing Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna respectively. If sheep metaphysically are our spiritual thoughts and Ganymede is tending his father’s sheep on the grassy portion of Mount Ida when Zeus transforms into a giant eagle swooping down to essentially abduct/kidnap Ganymede there is elements with which many overlook. Most are lost in the exoteric taking this myth completely literal, however, when Zeus makes Ganymede his cup bearer this would be I believe quite close to the Chariot tarot reference of bearing the holy grail as mentioned in Esoteric Meanings.

Our bodies as previously mentioned are primarily water and beyond this water is a state of consciousness. It is a compensatory act which again mimics Surya’s Chariot of the Sun Merkabah when Zeus gives Ganymede’s father a herd of the finest horses. This myth winds down when Ganymede fed up with being the “Water Bearer” pours out all of the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods (Soma chakra) and refuses to perform his duties any further thus the Earth is flooded. What literalists and exotericists neglect is that Earth too is a state of consciousness.

I’ve explained this previously, but for a refresher course we can look at this one more time. Earth corresponds to the mind/chaos where duality in nature as well as ourselves is represented by animals going in pairs into the ark starting our meditation process. Water symbolizes the next stage of consciousness being raised towards spirit cleansing away mental disturbances transmuting this to peace/harmony. These stages show the combined aspects of being in the mind/brain while attempting to meditate, but at this level one has not distanced themselves from their thoughts.

Asteroid Ganymed and Zeus Sidereal Chart

If you’re curious like me and desire to see the myth play out in your own life you may try as I often do to plug these two asteroids into an astrology chart via or software that you have. has extended free charts with the option to enter manually additional objects. Simply add in Ganymed number 1036 and Zeus number 5731. I went again with Sidereal to look at the Vedic chart. This time I wanted to focus on the Harmonic chart for today to locate a whole or balanced interpretation. These specific charts are entirely based on resonance/vibration. It won’t look anything like a natal Western or Vedic chart per say, but brings a very different approach to interpretation.

What we see is that Ganymed is in my 6th House Virgo 2° while Zeus is in my 12th House retrograde Pisces 8°. This axis legitimately could be said to deal with health/illness, employment, daily tasks, slavery (think of concepts such as feudalism/serfdom), and food as we still have agrarian roots (real food is most certainly not genetically modified or altered from its original source if it is to be clean/healthy). Health and wellness industries likewise are now aware that mental health or modern psychology is tremendously important.

The 6th/12th House axis involves Mercury with Virgo which can be seen as an aspect of Ceres in response to Neptune as a Piscean ruler that deals most assuredly with water. Al-Biruni wrote in the 11th century AD of the 6th House that sickness, defects of the human body, and overwork all lead to unfortunate accidents of the legs, loss of property, and disease of the internal organs. Quite ironic given as I’ve shared my story through countless blog posts making an example of myself within my business model for healing via Reiki, estoericism, and astrology that it can often relate back in time to my foot fractures or ligament surgery as well as our modern pharmaceutical and allopathic industries. Not to mention diet is a factor; mom and I try to go all organic or at the very least non GMO verified. This shows in where our money is going and to what it supports.

What about mom’s pneumonia? Pneuma is spirit and pneumonia is fluid in the internal organs or lungs! At this point I’ve even instructed her repeatedly to now take up meditation to calm and still her mind/anxieties due to what appears to be periodic noisy mental chatter. It would behoove her as well as others to focus more on their breath particularly her as she has asthma. Virgo at one time incorporated Libra with reference to Astraea, Dike (fair judgment), Tyche (Moirai/Fates), and Nemesis (retributive justice/divine punishment for wrongdoing and hubris).

Some reference Libra as the Liberator/Harbinger of Harmony. In this vein of thought Astraea is sometimes the bearer of the title Divine Feminine of Justice/Health said to be the concept of wholeness, integration, and the ideal state before fragmentation. This axis matches my natal Western lunar nodes as well! Those who have had this nodal axis include the poets John Clare and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Ganymed is in fact per the Chandra symbols a poignant take on the Hanged Man of tarot. The degree speaks to building up energy gradually as well as often performing a task repetitively. It can be nearly magical in nature when one can refine their ability to do whatever they’re doing while acquiring greater subtlety in doing it. This instinctive way of being enables one to make the right kind of space for whatever they plan to do ensuring success. It is all about waiting for the right time to act. You see this tree symbolizes knowledge and the man of this symbol is dedicated to it. His feet which signify understanding are raised to heaven while his head or mental/intellectual faculties are nearest to the Earth devoted to the affairs of practical existence.

Knowing as well as seeing to a great extent how spiritual light is working in the world is a talent when its insights and perceptions may not be heard by others. If enough positive energy is built up the tide will eventually turn, but this requires great patience, focus, and waiting. The guardian angel to work with is Cahetel and the daimon Barbatos.

Daimon Barbatos relates towards the Nine of Swords, Venus, Gemini, and Sandalwood. What I’ve read online primarily this daimon can make one a sort of animal whisperer. The other benefits of working with Barbatos can include reconciling relationships turned sour, dream walking, improved elocution which is a fancy way to refer to public speaking that utilizes breath control and clear enunciation, and musical skill/inspiration.


A man hanging upside down from a tree.

Out of phase with the personal ego mind, in phase with the greater laws, you are absolutely forced to stay put, to sit tight, to watch and listen and say and do as little as possible. A fair witness to what is happening all around with no personal vantage point. Being a truth vessel perfectly designed to hold the truth and nothing but. Uncomprehending of perversity and corruption, and naive to all radical distortion, but you are surpassingly aware of what is good and what is true and of the ways in which the greater laws are being played out in this world. Gifted in observing and appreciating how the Divine will prevails and how the light penetrates the darkness. Simply there to be with the constructive and the upbuilding energies and forces. The pure idealist in the perfect position to be strictly transparent.

The associated nakshatra appears to be Uttara Phalguni.

Medium: Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Zeus embodies a rather different tonality. When we can really view negativity clearly or see deeply the inner workings of our own illusions we are on the road to clearing them. When willing to have intimate contact with all kinds of discord requires going into the deepest subtlest layers of the structure of these things one moves progressively toward a complete healing of them. Giving voice to all the sorrow or suffering of our soul begins a process of release. Energy trapped in the self needs to come out. Toxic energy can be alleviated through expressing it. Due to our inability to be willing to feel deeply and to completely embrace our pain it stays with us indefinitely until we learn to let go.

The magic is in the full embrace/realization of the nature of our feelings which encourages acceptance and relaxation out of pain/trauma. If we allow ourselves to empathize with others who express their pain ours can be released simultaneously with theirs. Knowing that others deeply and intuitively understand what we are feeling is the way to healing. Work with guardian angel Daniel and daimon Forcas.

I seem to relate to this degree because what I find is that most of humanity is picking sides which became evident as I entered Twitter dealing with those who don’t acknowledge their shadow. Then the daimonolatry only works with the shadow and not the light by some stating they work with their darkness only. Regardless neither has any intent to develop wholeness, integration, or any state of healing their fragmentation. People are ignorantly bickering over white versus black, light versus dark, angels versus daimons, etc. still trapped in duality consciousness professing to be beacons of wholeness and health. WTAF?! You’re doing nothing except disown aspects of your self and projecting them on another.

They are simply continuing to remain in a state of complex psychological trauma which is unstable. Fragmentation leads to dissociation. I guarantee most esoteric schools are not addressing this if what I’ve seen online is any inherent indication of the condition with which humanity exists at present. That could explain why our leadership globally to me appears unhinged more often than not; sorry! I view this then as the trickle down effect that then permeates all of life coaching, therapy, and other modalities meant to institutionally make well society at large. That is called “you’re doing it wrong.”

Daimon Forcas relates towards the Six of Wands, Saturn, Leo, and Myrrh. The first correspondence I found in working with this daimon is the capability to read natal/astrology charts, to learn palmistry, and to take all clairvoyant skills seriously. Forcas may teach the audience when being worked with that if not taken seriously you can expect a stern smack down. Somehow I resonate with this energy! When one works with Forcas they can become skillful at astronomy, philosophy, astrology, rhetoric, and logic. Charisma is a gift that may develop with time as one becomes more confident.


A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.

The Earth is broken. The compact between a human soul and her Earth housing is violated. Some of us are sensitive to what has gone wrong and must proclaim a conscience change. An agonizing place to be, and yet treated as just the way it is, met with huge resolve, almost welcoming that it has come down to this. Creatively expressive of what it feels like to be here in the midst, you feel resonant with all the kingdoms of nature, and especially aligned with the soul of this planet in her deep changes. Put in the right place at the right time to call the occasion, to make things unavoidable, you feel almost immobilized by how huge the task is. Yet you are stoical, dedicated, exceedingly strong, and enduring. Able to withstand the shaking loose of the old Earth. In here for the duration. Just getting going when it all seems lost.

The associated nakshatra appears to be Uttara Bhadrapada.

Medium: Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

The author of this article issued a trigger warning so I am doing the same. If the topic of sex trafficking is touchy please don’t read the article. This relates to Uttara Bhadrapada making it worth a glance for those who can deal with this level of collective shadow work.

Medium: Saturn Eating Your Identity

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