Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Challenges One May Not Savor

“I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.” – Unknown

I hate summer school, and I loathe remedial lessons! Your instructor has left some concepts to bemuse today within the underlined hyperlink text.


Today we’ve come across the Valet of Swords more commonly known as the Page of Swords (on occasion the Princess of Swords). Representative of a delay in news, possibly poor planning ahead, being vigilant, and generating ideas or inspiration from varied resources this card usually signifies the quick witted, curious, types who use their mind well yet may appear blunt, insensitive, or a loner of sorts.

This chatty, lively, logical person appears to us as more akin to a young at heart adolescent who is not out to cause any harm intentionally. Swords often represent the air element and might be associated with either Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra.

This card asks one to be patient while waiting upon answers they might be seeking. You may be an extremely ambitious type who is dreaming of an incredibly successful career. If you’re waiting to regain health after a past illness/injury the Valet/Page of Swords asks that you ease back into things. Despite the fact that you may be all logic remain steadfast that spirituality has a place in your life.

Avoid gossip and try to also not allow yourself to turn into the scatter brained person who can’t be relied upon when counted on. If anyone in your family, career, or romantic relationships is punishing you for previous treatment they received don’t allow it. Also know that sometimes this card can signify a relationship that will have a disappointing outcome.

Exercise caution with who you choose to trust when this card appears. Some individual is spying on you likely and then going behind your back to feed information to your enemy likely because they have the intent to cause your failure or will enjoy seeing you fail.

The goal being to influence someone about you in a negative manner. Sometimes people are two faced, and the lessons these relationships bring us are not the ones we enjoy.

Further Study of the Valet/Page of Swords:

The 18th Hexagram can be displayed to us as either Corruption/Renovating or Decay/Therapy.

Overall while this card can also speak to Mercurial energies when not grounded we don’t metabolize our experiences in life as well. This card asks that we work towards equality not equity as they are not the same things regardless of those who play wordsmith games through neural linguistic programming/hoodwinkery because one reduces everything to a commodity including humans meaning you’re seen as chattel, a possession to be owned, and you lose all sense of independence or freedom.

We are not separate entities and we all deserve our rights to be respected. If you’re still ignorant on the meaning of chattel it’s etymology clearly states tangible, movable property and a slave! So if I were you I’d begin re-educating yourself on the proper meaning of the words used to pull the wool over your eyes and keep you ignorant. Afraid I don’t wish to be a slave to a system of corruption.

I’ve been harping upon this theme for months now wondering if it falls on deaf ears or numb minds. Have a thought provoking Thursday! 🧠🗯️

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: An Energized Cavalier Fuels Our Journey

“Sometimes destiny is so cruel because you’ll never know where it will take you.” – Unknown

Is it all just a game? Who knows, but maybe the underlined hyperlink text will help fill in the blanks for you! Ready, set, get mouse clicking! Thursday comes early as I have work tomorrow at my part time cosmetology job…


I used my Tarot of the Witches deck today and received the Knight of Batons/Wands who embodies the active/creative side of the Divine Masculine motivated and moving us with swift action towards our goals. Often displayed in full armor on horseback the Knights of any courtly tarot deck signify the powers of the Hebrew letter Yod as well as the element of fire when we speak to the batons/wands.

Esoterically this particular Knight is referencing the lightning flash associated with Chokmah displaying the qualities of wisdom and raw uncompromising will. We will usually find on this particular card in any tarot deck a black horse with the attributions of Mars ruling Scorpio 20° to Sagittarius 20° best emulating the constellation Hercules as seen bearing a club.

We might see the element of air through wind which carries him forward. When this card is received in the upright it signifies swiftness, a person who is hard to pin down, travel, and philosophy. We should guard against rushing things. There may be a situation ahead where decisive action is called for. Watch your instincts and emotions ensuring that what you follow nurtures your inner true self.

The Knight of Batons/Wands reaches deep into the psyche illuminating darkness through The Sun, but if our goal is not something worthwhile we may be putting our energies into that which is not productive causing harm to our general health and spiritual growth. It is associated with the 51st Hexagram.

Hexagram 51:

I’ve edited this card to place a rainbow above our Knight as well as displayed Egypt for a little more significance, but I am sure a few won’t recognize these particular allegorical symbols without a few clues. It happens to deal with much of what my continued blogging through much of 2021-2022 has spoken about in detail.

We could also investigate this through the game of chess, but I’m sure some may simply be uninterested. Have a victorious and blessed Thursday! 🔥🎯💯

Critter feature! Honey bee in the borage (backyard garden) with mushrooms in the roma tomatoes and another sunflower opening. Lazy lizard at the front door sprawled out and chill! When you’re organic nature decides to move on in and make your garden home!
Keeping bzzzy! 🐝

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: February 2022 Waxing Gibbous Moon Spread

Tarot of the Witches

Let the underlined hyperlink text carry you to helpful solutions. 🎲🎰🎱

Where I reside we have a 74.1% Waxing Gibbous moon which allows us to flow as staying rigid would cause us to break. This is a pivot point in our monthly cycle where we take the time to assess our approach and look for any alternative paths towards any goals we’ve set out to accomplish. We’re roughly by estimate 3-4 days before the Moon is at her height and in all of her power usually so we can use this time to meditate on educating our unconscious, we can focus or gestate during this time aiming to grow in spiritual abilities, and transmute any negative energies we’ve run up against. I purposefully took the Major arcana out of this draw so it’s Court and Minor arcana only.

We’re using Botswana Agate again today. A lot of what I’m studying right now has maintained a primary focus on balance particularly harmony within the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological health. This crystal feeds both the Yin and Yang creating equilibrium in our entire being. It is often wise to work with Botswana Agate when we’re in the depths of negative energies to keep the fire alive and maintain our challenger/warrior spirit. When we need to work on our Emotional IQ this crystal is a plus for gaining a broad formulaic approach to our problems.

It helps one to take a look at their life recognizing their accomplishments alongside current goals they are setting. Mature self reflection also aids bodily health. What is the primary cause of your dis-ease? Knowing this makes it easier to cure rather than suppress symptoms. Botswana Agate is a crystal which radiates the Root chakra radiating from Mother Earth below. If you need to tap into the collective consciousness this crystal also assists with this.

The Third Eye clear quartz crystal also channels the spirits of our ancestors and some Eastern cultures believe it also channels the breath of white dragons. Ideally it’s utilized to attune the aura to the planet and your higher self. This crystal helps to prevent you from sabotaging yourself as you set out to achieve your dreams. Aries and Leo will gain the most form this crystal in maintaining their drive while avoiding burnout remaining confident and focused.

White Dragons:

Card 1: Why do I want what I’m consciously manifesting?

7 of Wands:

It appears you desire to rise above adversity with your head held high, but should remember that you may need to stand up fiercely to defy the status quo and declare what you’re willing to stand for. Clearly something has pushed you beyond your limits and what you’re willing to put up with. This card evokes the mantra of learning not to take anyone’s @#&$%! It says boldly “Don’t be silenced, don’t give up, and don’t sit quietly by doing what everyone else is doing.” Be brave, bright, and engulfed by your true strength. The caution is don’t light up so fast that you burn all your energy too rapidly. Monitor your energy carefully to ensure you can endure for the long haul.

Ask yourself what it is in your life that is really worth fighting for? What in your life calls for going against the grain and asks you to be assertive? What alignment are you in; attacking or defending?

This is a sign to hold your ground regardless of any challenges thrown your way. Pick your battles carefully avoiding unnecessary drains on your overall happiness/well being. Try something new, get out of your comfort zone, and cutaway your doubts.

Of note this tarot card is in fact in the range of tertiary orange on a color wheel therefore it works best with your Sacral chakra.

Card 2: How will turning my dreams into my reality make me feel?

2 of Cups:

The sharing and growth that you are experiencing through your connections helps you feel fully alive. The color of this card is blue working with your Throat chakra to assist in meaningful interactions that will encourage others to blossom. Human beings find connection to be necessary for thriving. These relationships may be more than friends, family, and co-workers extending to your pet or music. One caution at this time is to ensure that your good nature is not getting the better of you. If this inquiry is about business/career don’t give too many discounts or freebies. In other life arenas don’t feel sorry for others or let them step in the way of your happiness. If you’re sticking around in bad relationships to avoid upsetting others that’s going to only make your situation worse in the long run as well as theirs which could simply provoke arguments/anguish.

You need to find those with similar goals/desires as you to ensure you push each other to succeed. If you’ve recently been ill you will return to better health very soon. Two of Cups signifies the conscious and subconscious mind living a life of authenticity. You can achieve this accomplishment when you perform inner child work or meditation. As soon as these two parts of you return to wholeness your life will flow seamlessly.

Where is your asteroid Child (4580) in your chart? This will tell you how you tap into your inner child which is a piece of your heart that needs TLC. It is the raw, de-conditioned, and authentic aspect of you that you return to when you’re lost, scared, or hurt. The inner child is the most innocent and loving fragment of your soul.

Asteroid Child Age Harmonic Chart

I’ve used the Age Harmonic chart which I’m in my forties therefore this chart indicates the proclivities of my emotional and psychological nature. It also relates to the 4th House with reference to 4×10 equaling 40. Esoteric wise this deals with environmental issues, communication/media, and nurturing the very young/elderly. This house in fact aligns with fixed star Antares provoking our Root chakra which if disturbed causes immune system disorders. My asteroid Child is then in the 8th House Scorpio 10°. When we connect 4th and 8th Houses we deal with our soul group.

The Sabian symbol and degree ask us to work with guardian angel Sitael and daimon Vassago.

Daimon Vassage ties us to the Four of Wands, Jupiter, Aries, and Cedar as well as Leek. Can I interject that we just ate leeks not too long ago with mashed potatoes and carrots as a side dish? I can’t do Cedar though; deathly allergic as I’ve noted in previous blog posts. We don’t get along at all so during Cedar Fever season I’m utterly miserable! Gives new meaning to residing in Cedar Park. Our Yin Yang in the garden has two Cedar trees that are part of the design.

The Middle Pillar:

Some indicate this daimon has an interest and compassion for the human condition when we are incapable of adequately socializing wanting to assist our communication skills. This daimon I’ve read will also introduce one to mental/telepathic communication.

This degree deals with inner ties, connections, synchronicities, and a sense of purpose within our community. It also speaks to reincarnation and the remembrance of past life ties, contracts, and obligations. The affirmation would read best as your soul groups and karmic connections clarify your spiritual purpose. Your perceptions of the common and ordinary are unusual yet we tend to learn to see the unusual become the usual over time. This degree indicates that one is inexplicably strange and extremely unique. The aura of innocence and blithe normality exists here. Pure joy intensified into utter potency lets your higher self recognize that which you consider tragedies, failures, and mishaps in fact have about them something beautiful in the way they are so personally tailored as learning experiences. This special power is redemptive and liberating.

Card 3: What energy can I call upon to ensure my intentions are clear?

Ace of Swords:

The Ace of Swords is like a seed showing the full spectrum of possibilities within the mental realms allowing for cleverness, cunning, understanding, and comprehension. The card is red aligning with the Root chakra while being associated with clarity where things suddenly seem graspable. You’re being offered the gifts of intelligence, rationality, and clear firm thinking. This will help you to adopt fresh new perspectives and indicates the present now moment is the best time to work upon your goals. This is also an ideal time to seek justice and truth in all matters as your conscience is clear. If you’ve experienced heated discussions you should speak about what is bothering you rather than sweep it under the rug.

If you’re dealing with any financial goals ask yourself if your purchasing decisions are about what your head or heart wants. Trust your brain rather than making emotional decisions. Just as people eat for emotional comfort many shop for emotional comfort. You need to cut through your obstacles to see what matters the most to you and stop clinging to illusions, biases, or preconceptions. Your rational mind has an ability to discriminate therefore use it to differentiate between fantasy/reality. If your eye is keen on your target and your grip is firm let your arrow fly. You’ll hit your mark as long as you set aside distractions.

Rocks and Cedar Berries in Xeriscape Garden

Card 4: What should I incorporate for better results?

King of Pentacles:

You have a positive self image which should not be confused with an overly inflated ego. It’s actually a healthy form of self esteem that shows you work hard to create results, are a competent leader, you don’t just watch from afar, and that you want to make an impact on your world. When you desire to direct others in their pursuits you are walking your talk to meet your goals. This card represents an aspect of your personality where you are consistent and reliable. King of Pentacles are providers and protectors who want their kingdom to flourish abundantly allowing their citizens to prosper and grow.

Some call this card the Midas touch, but I’d error on the side of caution with this. This is a money card which attracts opportunities so if you’re looking to change careers, go back to school, or make an investment now is the time to do so. Can you apprentice under someone or do you know of a contact who might be able to help you? If your health recently went through a rough patch now is a great time to eat healthy, work out, and seek guidance from a specialist to develop a treatment plan.

Card 5: How can I harness the energy of the Moon at this time?

9 of Pentacles:

It’s time for plentiful comfortable rest for everything is where it belongs. Accumulation is a process of labor and your best approach is measured and modest so exercise self control. These last two cards are green working with your Heart chakra. Remain grounded to ensure you remain healthy and that you are working from you self sovereignty. Do you feel at home in your flesh, your environment, and in your worldly plane of existence? Happiness is different for everyone therefore abundance is not always about becoming a millionaire with impeccable possessions. Your inner resources are more essential to your well being than your outer resources. You define what a luxurious life is.

The 9 of Pentacles indicates a deep understanding of your primal nature and your ability to be discerning in cultivating self control which is not self punishment. Your previous life challenges will give you a wider perspective to understand the value of your successes. Diplomacy and grace leads to the best of outcomes whatever your current goals are. You’re onto something profitable. In business advertise to the correct audience who can afford or benefit from your products/services. It’s also a time to look at shared commitments ensuring those involved are still happy with where things are headed.

Have a fabulous Thursday for tomorrow is TGIF! 🍟📅

Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Tarot of the Witches

Are You Different?

I am keeping this short today. I need to take some time for myself as I feel depleted and desire to unplug from the energies for a day. Be well and have a great Thursday.

What will energize you?

2 of Cups:

Harmony between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine prevents instability. As this card signifies Venus in Cancer we notice receptivity through love, beauty, creativity, nurturing, healing, and comfort are advised at this time. The love spoken of here is of a Universal context which provides nourishment for the soul to clear away negativity and distractions. The best advice at this time is to seek out those well matched to you with whom you might forge close friendships/partnerships. It is through the act of giving and receiving or sharing that growth is most often experienced. For humans and animals connections are necessary as both thrive when we feel in touch with one another. This card speaks to any relationship be it family, friends, pets, your favorite artist/song, or brief moments of camaraderie with an acquaintance. Being plugged into the flow of life, telling someone you appreciate them, and feeling seen/valued help us maintain self love and confidence. At the end of the day if anything seemed to go different than you desired remember to forgive and heal yourself as well as others.

Venus in Cancer 1° to 10°
Guardian Angel Eyael and Habuhiah

What will inspire you?

King of Swords:

Using a different facet of your mind right now will allow you to gather facts and maintain your diplomatic skills and rationality. If you can remain cool as a cucumber regardless of what life throws your way, develop inventive ways to harness emotion, spirit, and mind synergistically, and remain impartial to ensure that you’ll be propelled forwards. Whatever path you choose to take at this time be courageous, draw on your previous experience, and maintain flexibility when receiving new information that might change your point of view. If you have ideas you would like to put forth do so calmly, clearly, and logically. Helping others should always be done from a place which is honest and truthful rather than manipulative. It’s also not necessary at this time to prove intelligence by making another feel as if they’re out of the loop or less clever.

What will calm you?

6 of Cups:

Each of us has a story which is usually tangled in memories, emotions, patterns, and dreams which we are not always consciously aware of allowing these to impact us on a subconscious level. Remember that there is more at work than what we see with our physical eyes so that as you meet yourself and others you do so with kindness. Simple spontaneous acts of kindness and good will should ask for nothing in return. When we see beyond our perceived differences and embody the energy of altruism we can embody from a place of tender loving care. Right now you should meditate or consider how you got to where you are. Reflecting on what is below the surface allows one to take stock of their personal past as well as their Ancestors. Approach any traumas or wounds gently while taking note of any repeating patterns in life as they nudge you to learn something from them. A word of caution here to not spend too much energy in reminiscing on the past for we can’t change it only grow from it. We only have the present now upon which we can craft new beginnings and fresh slates. You are the future self of your inner child.

This card has been associated sometimes with Hexagram 20 of the Book of Changes, but I’ve chosen to use excerpts from the Tao Te Ching.

Sun in Scorpio 10° to 20°
Guardian Angels Nelchael and Ieiazel

This deck originates via the James Bond movie Live and Let Die if any of the artwork looks familiar to you. It was a birthday gift given to me by my step father.