Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Coffee with a Bit of Fruitful Parfait

“When the AC circuits are hit by a DC lightning bolt, it is called a current affair.” – Anonymous

What did we find in our coffee reading today? Well, it looks like a rune with a memo for us to decode. Hopefully the underlined hyperlink text will also be helpful.


Today I pulled the Thurisaz rune which offers a symbolic gateway towards work which is done internally as well as externally in the frontiers between heaven and Earth. When we arrive at this place we should recognize our readiness to contact the numinous Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Thurisaz asks that we practice non-action.

We are to neither approach nor pass through the gateway without first contemplating upon if we are being confronted with a clear reflection of what is hidden within ourselves. Are the actions of self and other coming from right human action? This is a time for deep transformation.

Thurisaz asks that we visualize ourselves standing before the gateway atop a hill with our entire life laid out behind us. Before we can step through this gateway pause and review the past learning, joys, sorrows, and victories. Bless it all, release it all, and reclaim your power. Now you may step through.

If our actions come from hasty impulses we should always stop to check in with ourselves and examine our attitude. You must reconsider the old before you can integrate the new.

If you would like another adaptation of this rune please visit the following website.

“Desserts are the fairytales in the kitchen.” – Anonymous

Thurisaz can be associated with Thor and a myriad of other thunder deities; I don’t personally ascribe Loki to this rune.

Have an outshining Thursday! Short, sweet, and simple today! ✨😊✨