Fun Quote Fridays: The Record Still Stands

“Why don’t vultures check their bags when they fly? They just take carrion.” – Unknown

Birds of a feather are flying together via underlined hyperlink text this Friday. They have their own version of first class!


“The bulb was relieved when his lawyer told him that he’d only been charged with a light sentence.”

  • Anonymous

We’re still holding at the age of 43 and never served on a jury believe it or not. Jury duty was cancelled by 11:30 AM CST through e-mail notification today from the county I was summoned within. And here someone told me my luck had run out. Not yet!

We’re going to have a brief look today at Asteroid Justitia (269) before I crash for the night. Looks like tomorrow is actually another day off for me before I work my Saturday alone at my part time cosmetology gig. But as we go about an astrological journey I wanted to enhance the post just a little because I had a surprise sighting on my way home from work today.

Being that I’ve learned I am the company’s designated floater means that the store I worked at today is within a neighborhood jurisdiction exactly five minutes from my house. Naturally as I drove through this neighborhood which is not the one with which I reside in I got to experience a total of 8 vultures sitting atop a fence. Not your normal kind of sighting where I’m from in Texas.

I decided today to look up some information regarding the number 8 as well as vulture totem animals. Let’s have a quick lesson on this combination to see what we can gain from something otherwise abnormal in my book.


“You’re under arrest for doing your best to rob a bank of its treasure chest.” – Unknown

Now that we’ve established that for the day I wanted everyone to take a good look at the Goddess Justitia before I showcase her location in a Lunar Return Chart in perfect timing with our upcoming Full Harvest Moon which I previously wrote about.

We all know I’ve written before about the precession where many have stated Regulus which rules Magha nakshatra alongside Ketu has moved Leo to Virgo or that my Western/Tropical natal Moon, North Node, and Lilith reside in Virgo. I also did a blog post regarding Spica.

As much as I try to navigate both schools of thought I managed even to miss this one not that long ago in 2022. The theme certainly resonates loud and clear! Then again what of it is what my blog readers or followers might ask.

Well if you’ve been here for a while reading any of my random ramblings annoying or otherwise enlightening about my life you would remember I mentioned I once handled 500+ federal law cases as an administrative link to medical malpractice lawyers for breast implants with silicone poisoning.

Today my mom informed me that I might get a chance to re-experience my past for the FDA has now begun to issue warnings about the scar tissue which can surround breast implants leading to cancer for women.

I guess we were not fighting hard enough as I pooled or rather combed through countless medical records of women sometimes looking for the manufacturer numbers to settle their cases while determining how much money they were being awarded for the damage rendered them.

Or the women whose botched jobs led to gangrene in their breasts causing them to have their nipples permanently removed. These are the stories now that their cases settled which without giving out names I can tell women and men alike of including one woman who died at Christmas before we could settle her case despite the fact that I would be on the phone with these women or their families often being sent photos because when it’s personal you develop a relationship or bond with these clients.

If law offices in Texas were not making it mandatory that I be bilingual when Spanish for me was a nightmare in high school making me not want to pursue it again I would make an effort to go back in since I’m looking for receptionist or administration positions again.

I used to temp downtown even for some large law firms in my 20s often off 6th and Congress where I live. It was a commute that I am not sure I want to take again though in my 40s. A lot has changed in this city!

You just don’t know the many experiences that I’ve had because I don’t take the time to share them with everyone that I meet in life online or even offline because I’ve learned most people actually really don’t care.

My circle of influence has shrunk a lot with age. I’ve realized that written or verbal words from me mean little and it’s my actions that will speak louder to get my points across to the deafness and dumbness of those who have dissociated or numbed out.

Then again I never have understood why women subject themselves to breast implants even after I watched my high school best friend’s mom have hers removed from the silicone poisoning with tubes draining her lymphatic system only to be permanently disabled after.

Nothing is worth that for what I call fake beauty, but I’m that oddball who values natural beauty over fake. Strange as that sounds given that I do wear mineral makeup when I am in public.

At home I’m often though no makeup, hair in a bun atop my head, and in pajamas or exercise wear. I only dress up when the need arises otherwise I’m all for comfort and just being me rather than worry about my ego.

This is why I don’t take selfies either. The blog may appear narcissistic, but really I just like to teach people by example that there is more to learn from astrology than they take for granted. I digress I wanted this to be a short blog post. Let’s go find our asteroid shall we…

Lunar Return Chart for Asteroid Justitia
Natal Chart for Reference

Imagine that I’m seeing yet another Kite in this chart once again! What we see is that Asteroid Justitia is in the 8th House of Capricorn at 8° trine the Sun and square Jupiter. How would this be best defined one might ask.

The obstacles of one’s past must be removed by eliminating the barriers between you and the goals which you have been trying to achieve for a long time. Significant karmic events will be experienced which have a lasting impact on your everyday life.

This is a time where Saturn asks that one acquire knowledge and experience while becoming disciplined during a busier time of serious duties that require commitment.

This transit within any chart can last from 1-3 months to a total of 2 1/2 years all depending upon any retrograde movements of Saturn. Saturn is called the ruler of destiny so we pay the consequence for karmic debts. Anyone who has had a negative or destructive influence on your life is immediately removed from your circle.

A key position in any chart one is asked to start a new diet which builds healthy habits for not just the body, but the overall emotional stability and mental clarity of the chart holder.

Opportunities present themselves for teaching and travel. Persistence is required to see results as shortcuts are not tolerated during this period of life. Health wise the biggest areas of concern will be the teeth, skin, and bones. Focus on self improvement while becoming more patient with thinking outside of the box to find alternatives to reaching your goals.

You’re required to develop new skills while recognizing that many who have been in your life thus far will begin to impede all your endeavors interfering with your plans by wishing to exert control over you or limit your actions.

They will become psychic vampires who draw upon your physical energy and financial resources. This is a chance for you to apply moral, ethical, and legal norms to your ambitions. Your body will be more vulnerable than usual requiring that you be more cautious.

“What do you call a stuck-up criminal going down some stairs? A con descending.” – Unknown

In times of hardship this degree keeps on going. There is a complete acknowledging of and a conforming to limitations. A continual compromising as it moves on through confining or frustrating situations by doing whatever has to be done to maintain a forward flow. A gentle flexible interaction with the world’s densities is its power.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A snake charmer.” The only way you can charm the snake is to get in tune with it. This is not about having power over the snake rather it is about melding to its consciousness and following its dance.

This degree is adept at following the dances of others while tracking with them in such a way that discord and misunderstanding are let go of at least for awhile so that an exchange of energies can occur which always promotes deep understanding. Work with guardian angel Iahhel and daimon Valac.

Daimon Valac corresponds with the Nine of Wands, Mercury, Sesame, and Sagittarius. Treasures are revealed by this daimon to those working with Valac especially with regards to employment. While the mention of serpents exists this is often much more to do with learning kundalini yoga. One of the greatest ways this daimon in particular helps anyone is through their spiritual journey by pointing them in the correct direction.

This year Pitru Paksha will be on September 10, 2022 exactly with the Full Harvest Moon folks! For Leos one will be abundantly blessed and they might see the return of one of their Pitrus whom they loved and still miss. Virgos are asked to say good riddance to all their insecurities and phobias as the Universe/Cosmos knows it all. This year our Pitrus will provide one with strong protection to care for our fears at their root level.

I attempted to explain this to a co-worker today about epigenetics after I shared a a tarot reading with my immediate family through my mother and two friends as Magha is also ruled by the Pitrus and I inherited my maternal/matriarchal ancestry records when my maternal grandfather passed away.

But I don’t think anyone even understood what I was talking about so I’m going to leave everyone with the following in the hopes that they’ll try to understand this. I’ve also tried explaining that my DNA runs the gamut of German, Danish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Ethiopian Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Anglo Saxon.

We immigrated into the USA according to our records around the 1800s I believe with my great grandmother’s maiden name being Lehman(n). I imagine for a few that will ring some bells and for others they simply won’t be capable of connecting any of the dots.

They don’t know how to form the map that I’m working on when a tarot reader can pull out of her reading having never met me that I’m working on karmic healing of the family line because of epigenetic trauma due to things like the Holocaust despite countless naysayers and religious or political or historical know-it-alls and haters.

That probably means my entire middle and high school education on Hitler and Stalin to them or even on the Holodomor is also a bunch of hogwash while we split hairs and create even more racial or spiritual divisions. All of which at 43 frankly I’m fed up with and is one of many reasons I’ve stated I’m apolitical now while opting to no longer vote in a system that in no way represents me.

I literally no longer waste my time or energy on some topics or even people anymore. I just do a cord cutting ritual or return to sender ritual and wish them the best never to look back. I’m actually done with many people anymore sadly.

You have to do you while I do me. Sometimes we’re simply not meant to continue in the same soul family because we’re no longer compatible or the lessons were learned whereby there is no need to keep repeating them.

Even in beauty school I was educated extensively during my aesthetics education about Rwanda. My mother spent time educating me about Cambodia. There is no way I unlike others am ignorant or in denial of genocide!

Why don’t I have time? For the same reason years ago someone questioned me about a Jewish symbol I wore as a necklace who was a customer. I guess they could not even fathom that it is used in the Heart chakra as well.

Meanwhile they antagonized me over my first name trying to ascertain I suppose if I had a brain or they just enjoyed being someone whom I wanted to quickly and politely get out of my cashier line with little discussion. You reach a point in life where you finally decide I’ve had enough with ignorance expecting for humanity to wake up.

This degree sits upon the fixed star Facies which is a nebula within Sagittarius the Archer. Taken via the Latin verb facere meaning to make or do something it actually symbolizes the positive nature of Sagittarius to climb mountains, race cars, enter the ski jump team, and so forth while breaking a few bones along the way. Kabbalists have associated this fixed star with the Hebrew letter Vav/Vau and the tarot trump The Lovers.

My step father is a a Sagittarius in my life who has raised me since age 5. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and an instructive Friday. Sending you best wishes even if I come across as cranky or really butthurt some days. 😌❤️‍🩹

My patience at times still needs a wee bit of work I suppose especially with those I grow tired of babying or pacifying in life. I’ve learned that self love or care means I don’t have to keep taking it anymore.

PS: The tarot reading that was shared was a video tarot reading. It made passing this around a lot easier when the message was received because aspects of the words the tarot reader I chose used mirrored my Full Harvest Moon blog post. When you’re in sync you’re really in sync!

To those who say it’s just psychological warfare frankly I’m sorry, but you are jerks!

This week I also took photos in the garden asking for help identifying a weed growing in my beans. The rains made it huge progressively choking my beans out. This morning when pulling weeds we removed it.

I have identified it now as tomatillo. We did not plant this. How did they arrive in my garden and from where?

Teach Me Tuesdays: The Peacock/Peafowl as Totem Animal and Alchemy Symbol

The Beginning Stages of Mandala Coloring via iPhone App

Today was the arduous task of cleaning up my Pingbacks which had gotten wonky for lack of a better description. I will need to finish checking October/November of 2021 still, but at least I’ve made progress. This week has been way more productive than normal as I accomplish tasks not just related to my astrology business/blog which is always a positive. Far better than laziness or procrastination.

As a licensed aesthetician I feel more like this is shampoo, condition, rinse, and repeat, but ultimately it’s the representation of continuous renewal. The provided underlined hyperlink text will hopefully help expand awareness.


If you’ve seen the peacock enter your life than you might desire to learn about the symbolism be it as a totem animal or within alchemy. Some of the key characteristics of the peacock as well as peafowl within the realm of spirit animals are:

  • Integrity
  • Living by defined principles
  • Flamboyance (being the center of attention)
  • Discernment
  • Proudly displaying your accomplishments

This symbolic bird holds a variety of meanings across a variety of cultures. For example, Hinduism has associated the peacock with Lakshmi corresponding to personal wealth, compassion, and patience. Asian cultures may likewise associate the peacock with Quan Yin who also ties to the virtues of compassion, kind-heartedness, and goodwill. In Christianity our feathered friend can be a sign of rebirth, rejuvenation, and immortality. Muslim mythology sees the peacock as a guardian of the Gates of Paradise. All the while in Egyptian mythology the peacock’s feathers often highly valued in religious ceremonies were said to be linked to the eye of Horus. In Greece the peacock was associated with the Argos, a monster with one hundred eyes which could see everything, which is not unlike modern symbols of the All Seeing Eye. Some associate this with the evil eye.

The energy of any peacock or peafowl is often immense offering a positive and negative impact based upon your level of Spiritual IQ. When anyone disregards mindfulness for arrogance the energy will backfire. If you have chosen to carry yourself with wisdom and dignity you can harvest untold rewards. The peacock asks that you capitalize on bringing beauty into the world even if you perceive yourself as imperfect. The peahen who is often not as bright and flashy as her male counterpart teaches us to embrace internal beauty/riches.

This grandiose bird teaches you to take on a role of leadership by taking charge of your life. This is not about being bossy rather it implies one lead by example. When a peacock or peahen struts into your consciousness it is to teach you about self love, maintaining proper balance between humility/confidence, and that you embrace your inner truth whatever that may be. In shamanism this lovely creature holds healing properties which draws negative energies from your life. Work with the peacock or peahen to improve your communication skills, discover hidden talents, make a positive impact on your community, and harness you inner strengths.

Alchemy often does not beat around the bush stating that the peacock is neither good nor bad for it relates to the soul of the world which is nature causing all things to be brought forth. Annually the peacock in alchemy renews its feather plumage in correlation with the changing seasons. When we change the manner with which we think our physical body transforms as well. The union of opposites can help with attaining higher states of consciousness.


Asteroid Peacock Persona Draconic Heliocentric Chart

Asteroid Peacock number 18727 is located at 7th House Cancer 14° via a Persona chart. I used the draconic and heliocentric method. The reasoning behind this being what all three represent.

Persona charts tell the drama of your individual energies, needs, strengths/weaknesses, and physical as well as psychological responses. You have an individualized way of going through life with your own unique path to consciousness. This new way of looking at your chart does not look at the whole, but considers its parts.

Take out a single one of these inner personalities and look at it closely keeping in mind that this is not the natal chart, but the chart of one independent persona within us.

Draconic charts present a lot such as karmic, spiritual, and unconscious desires pertaining to the soul’s destiny, fate, and soulmates. Some consider this chart to be key to your deep values, belief patterns, and individual purpose. What does your soul want to attain in the world, what areas of growth would you like to experience, and what do you subconsciously dream of becoming?

Heliocentric charts do not show the Sun sign which means it shows the Earth as a planet opposite the Sun. Aside from this chart showing Earth which can be studied, and I have done this previously for myself every other planet, house, and sign would be read the same as a Geocentric chart. My Earth is on the Anaretic degree of Virgo 1° which is very much near Regulus at Virgo 0° due to precession. A key focal point in my studies on my Vedic lunar mansion Magha’s relation to Regulus as a fixed star. But there are countless theories, concepts, and opinions regarding astrology when you actually dive into the deep end of a swimming pool.

The 7th House rules counseling and the legal systems. This house teaches that we are to let go of expectations of people in our lives being what we need/want them to be. We should stop embarking upon co-dependent enabling relationships. It is the house to express unity consciousness while integrating/unifying the opposites.

Cancer 14°: A crab climbing up an upright iron spear above which is a circlet of seven stars.

Denotes one who, never daunted by obstacles, opposition, and hardship, will rise by his/her own effort to a position of dignity and importance in his/her special sphere. Uniting an iron will to stubbornness of purpose one proves his/her worth and triumphs. It is a symbol of Irrefragability (archaic; indestructible).

We sit upon a degree which embodies one who is an accumulator of things. The fearful persona tends to be backward looking with an attachment to the past harboring nostalgia for distant times. The courageous persona has the ability to learn from what has been accumulated, to study it, see new aspects of it, and to let these findings be the foundation of a future of higher consciousness. The Chandra Symbol unlike the Kozminsky Symbol speaks of a collection of random rocks having no distinction as they have been worn smooth by water rendering them uniform.

The symbolism of these rocks rather than something such as butterflies implies that this degree is about one’s need for grounding and assessing what holds us back. What burdens and insecurities have you collected which prevent you from letting them go? When you process this through your emotional body the pain wears away released from suffering that you may fully comprehend the lessons that they have taught.

Work with guardian angel Vasariah and daimon Asmoday.

This is another daimon previously covered so I’m simply pulling up refresher information with some minor additions to spice it up since reading the same resources can get boring fast. Daimon Asmoday relates to the 6 of Swords, Sun, Aquarius, and Frankincense. Asmoday makes a magician physically stronger and mentally sharp. This daimon is feared as it works with lust and wrath. It is important to properly understand a wrathful deity!

The Final Result of Mandala Coloring via iPhone App


As previously mentioned my birth year (1979) fell under Earth Sheep with Dianichi Nyorai. Esoteric Buddhism often utilizes gender/sexual union to teach of the merging of compassion (male) with wisdom (female) which leads to spiritual awakening. Often this is depicted as the wrathful male Buddha and his female partner standing in an ecstatic embrace with their hair painted fiery orange. They may have as many as eight heads looking in all directions, sixteen hands holding skull cups containing animals (in their eight right hands) and deities representing worldly elements (in their eight left hands).

This corresponds to Earth, water, air, fire, Moon, Sun, and the gods of death/wealth. Two of their four legs will be raised in a position of dance while lunging sideways with the other two. Wrathful male deities will also wear a garland of fifty severed heads while wrathful female deities will wear one of skulls. This matches my pottery day adventures as shown in previous blog posts. Even as I considered them to likewise represent ancestral veneration.

Asmoday is a teacher daimon necessary for learning a new computer code, math, and data processing with speed. Ask Asmoday to uncover your talents showing any areas of your money making potential.

This degree also falls along the very important fixed star Sirius in Canis Major the Greater Dog. It has been believed to correspond to high ambitions, honor, devotion, passion/resentment, and can create custodians, curators, or guardians. When compared with the Chinese lunar mansions it is known as the Well in the head of the Phoenix which can symbolize navigation at sea, hygiene, repairs, gardening, and moral uprightness. I’ve read that what it rewards is a studious nature rather than one who is idle.

Astrological Musings:

Have an exceptional Tuesday with the best of my wishes! Please support my business by way of a friendly donation or purchasing an astrology report. I will be returning to part time work shortly which may impose restrictions on my current blogging schedule which I will tweak some.

Due to medical costs we’ve incurred in 2022 the entire family will be working together to ensure we can return to debt free! I don’t want to disclose the amount or air all of our laundry. Anything at this point would help us out though as we’re in a bit of a pinch. 🤗🆘🎁

If You Need Me I’ll Be In Space…