Tarot of the Day Thursdays: Challenges One May Not Savor

“I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.” – Unknown

I hate summer school, and I loathe remedial lessons! Your instructor has left some concepts to bemuse today within the underlined hyperlink text.


Today we’ve come across the Valet of Swords more commonly known as the Page of Swords (on occasion the Princess of Swords). Representative of a delay in news, possibly poor planning ahead, being vigilant, and generating ideas or inspiration from varied resources this card usually signifies the quick witted, curious, types who use their mind well yet may appear blunt, insensitive, or a loner of sorts.

This chatty, lively, logical person appears to us as more akin to a young at heart adolescent who is not out to cause any harm intentionally. Swords often represent the air element and might be associated with either Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra.

This card asks one to be patient while waiting upon answers they might be seeking. You may be an extremely ambitious type who is dreaming of an incredibly successful career. If you’re waiting to regain health after a past illness/injury the Valet/Page of Swords asks that you ease back into things. Despite the fact that you may be all logic remain steadfast that spirituality has a place in your life.

Avoid gossip and try to also not allow yourself to turn into the scatter brained person who can’t be relied upon when counted on. If anyone in your family, career, or romantic relationships is punishing you for previous treatment they received don’t allow it. Also know that sometimes this card can signify a relationship that will have a disappointing outcome.

Exercise caution with who you choose to trust when this card appears. Some individual is spying on you likely and then going behind your back to feed information to your enemy likely because they have the intent to cause your failure or will enjoy seeing you fail.

The goal being to influence someone about you in a negative manner. Sometimes people are two faced, and the lessons these relationships bring us are not the ones we enjoy.

Further Study of the Valet/Page of Swords:

The 18th Hexagram can be displayed to us as either Corruption/Renovating or Decay/Therapy.

Overall while this card can also speak to Mercurial energies when not grounded we don’t metabolize our experiences in life as well. This card asks that we work towards equality not equity as they are not the same things regardless of those who play wordsmith games through neural linguistic programming/hoodwinkery because one reduces everything to a commodity including humans meaning you’re seen as chattel, a possession to be owned, and you lose all sense of independence or freedom.

We are not separate entities and we all deserve our rights to be respected. If you’re still ignorant on the meaning of chattel it’s etymology clearly states tangible, movable property and a slave! So if I were you I’d begin re-educating yourself on the proper meaning of the words used to pull the wool over your eyes and keep you ignorant. Afraid I don’t wish to be a slave to a system of corruption.

I’ve been harping upon this theme for months now wondering if it falls on deaf ears or numb minds. Have a thought provoking Thursday! 🧠🗯️